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Special offers - Ratul Puri - We, Hindustan Powerprojects in India are one of the leading players in the field of energy sector from India. We have a bright vision of commissioning 7000 MW of power by 2020 in thermal, solar and hydro energy sectors. Hindustan Powerprojects, India.
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India has one of the largest coal reserves in the world which we aim to tap suitably towards providing fuel security to coal based thermal power generation. Hindustan Power took its first step into mining sector in 2008 aiming towards building a portfolio of technically feasible and economically viable coal assets in India which has one of the largest coal reserves in the world.
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Hydro is our richest renewable and environmentally benign source of energy. Hindustan Electricpower Ltd. was established in 2008 with an objective to undertake development of hydro projects sustainably. Hydro power is our richest renewable and environmentally benign source of energy. It is a natural choice for meeting the peak demand. A judicious mix of hydro power in the energy portfolio will contribute towards energy security, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and also increased flexibility in grid operation.
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Effective Energy Solutions - We are working towards creating hundreds of megawatts of solar power in India and abroad. Hindustan Cleanenergy was established in 2008 with the objective of developing renewable energy projects in India and around the world. With its deep understanding of the technology and global expertise, the company aims to establish best in class solar farms to deliver clean energy. Today, it is a dominant solar power development company in India with a large presence across the country and strategic international markets like Germany, Italy, US, UK and Japan.
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Free Facebook Login Extension for Magento Stores. EzLogin Lite enables users of Magento web stores to login with one of their popular social account FREE.
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