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Abhinam Yoga Opens a New Center in Dharamsala for Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training in India

8 months ago

Due to the ever growing popularity of teacher training courses as well as quest for better infrastructure, Abhinam Yoga School in India finalizes a new center for organizing its Multi-style yoga teacher training courses in Dharamsala. This new venue, Hotel Blue heaven, is located in the beautiful and peaceful area of Dharamkot in Dharamsala. 

In recent years, Multi-style training has gained popularity amongst many yoga practitioners who are looking to gain experience and explore different styles of yoga. This yoga teacher training in Dharamsala combines both the active and the passive elements of yogic practices comprehensively. In other words, it strives to merge the concept of wellness with that of spiritual awareness where the core purpose is to bring awareness with the help of physical activity and deep relaxation of the body.

Abhinam School, one of the premier yoga School in India, designed the course curriculum to suit the needs of students of all levels and to familiarize students with multiple styles of yoga like Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar etc. The course offers unique training modules that give students deep insights about their physical practice and yoga philosophy. The course also includes teaching and practicing Pranayama, Kriyas, Mantra Chantings, Yoga Nidra and different meditation techniques to support the practice. The Teaching Methodology classes for the core module of the course, where key alignment points of asanas are discussed in detail. Students are regularly taught correct adjustment techniques and asked to practice on each other. The course also includes practicums where students get enough opportunities to practice assisting and teaching. 

On successful completion of this training, the students will get a certification of completion from the School that makes them eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance, which is recognised worldwide. Surrounded by the mesmerizing Himalayan forests, the school in Dharamkot is in close proximity to Dalai Lama's temple. The new facility has 20 private double bedrooms with attached toilets, an exquisite indoor shala complemented with a stunning view of the Himalayas. During the course, only vegetarian satvic yogic meals are offered which support the practice of the students. The school can also arrange food for students with dietary restrictions. During the weekends, the students can choose to explore the Dharamsala area, go on adventure trails, tea garden or visit Tibetan Temples. 

Abhinam Yoga School also organizes Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in India from from October to May in Goa. Interested candidates can check the Abhinam Yoga website for more details.

Abhinam Yoga School Announces Dates for 300 and 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Trainings in India

8 months ago

Abhinam Yoga School announces the dates for its 300 and 500 hours advanced yoga Teachers Training course in India for the 2017-18 season. These yoga training courses are organized under the direct guidance of the highly experienced team of Abhinam Yoga School, with decades of experience behind them. The courses aim to not only deepen the understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice but also take students further in their teaching journey. 

The 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India is the next step for students who have completed their 200 hours Teachers Training Course. The course structure is rather intensive in nature and provides a rather progressive approach towards yoga. This course is even suited for students who have completed their 200 hours course in a different yoga style. However, it is necessary that they should have completed their course from a Yoga Alliance accredited School. However, 500 hours is a longer duration course, which includes participating in 200 hours TTC course followed by 300 hours course. It is suitable for participants who do not have any previous certification and are looking to dive deeper into the world of yoga.

The yoga teacher training courses in India offered by Abhinam Yoga School aim to provide students with a comprehensive yogic understanding and the depth to take up the role of a teacher efficiently. This knowledge prepares students to take up the challenges of teaching yoga as a career. The courses focus on deepening the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in a significantly detailed manner. It also includes practicing many different styles apart from Ashtanga Vinyasa just to introduce a glimpse of other styles. The courses also emphasize on not only improving the asana practice with correct alignment but also the spiritual side through meditation and mantra chantings. It provides them with the comprehensive theoretical and practical study on subjects like anatomy, physiology, and yoga philosophy. The students also given hands on adjustment as well as teaching experience to expose them of the challenges that it brings forth. This experience helps the students to become more confident yoga instructor and develop their unique style and ability.

The courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance, UK and USA. Students pursuing this course receive the certificate on successful completion of this course. This will allow them to be capable of teaching yoga anywhere in the world. For students who are interested in joining 300 hrs or 500 hours teachers training in India, log on to the Abhinam Yoga center webpage for all details.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow in Dharamshala


Well! If you find yourself saying to your friends that you love yoga, have been going to yoga classes, engaging in reading about it,
watching yoga videos on you tube, and clicking on yoga websites during your breaks at work then welcome to the club of yoga teachers hahaha, they have all gone through the same phase before taking the plunge.

Then ask your inner-self before going to bed tonight, perhaps the answer comes in the morning before you wake up!

Perhaps you are ready to take the next step, which is going deeper into the practice, taking a break for a month to join us for next YTTC and then getting prepared to share it with your beloveds and the dear ones first and then to the whole world.

If you find this longing to be a yoga teacher is sprouting in you then you have stumbled upon the right place.

We invite you to join us and take this journey together!

Here is what you will learn:

You will LEARN and PRACTICE under guidance of our Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) to learn the key points of:

- Accuracy
- Alignment
- Workshops to open certain areas of the body (hips, chest, lower back)
- Vinyasa flow
- Yoga philosophy Scriptures on Yoga (Patanjali yoga sutras, Upanishad, Meditations, Baghvada Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
- Use of props
- Drishti - Gaze
- Pranayamas - Art of Breathing
- Bandhas - Locks
- Kriya - cleansing techniques
- Yoga nidra - Communicating with your body - mind in deep yogic sleep
- Meditation
- Restorative yoga
- Mantra chanting
- Relaxation techniques
- Teaching and coaching techniques
- Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
- Vocal techniques, adjusting your voice
- Marketing skills
- How to stand out from the competition

After this intensive course, you will be completely AUTONOMOUS, ready to run your own yoga class, SATISFY your students and become an APPRECIATED and EFFICIENT teacher.

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