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How Important Is Online Reputation For Doctors

7 months ago

With the way the internet is taking over our life it is not hard to see why it is important to have a good internet reputation. People have a tendency to Google everything they know nothing about. A new word, a new restaurant, an historical event, a movie or a band, you name it and the first instinct anyone has is to Google it. With the world wide information now fitting in your pockets snugly, people have all the information they need on their figure tips. So when they are recommended a doctor through people or through the internet itself, their first instinct is to google the name and find out all that they possibly can. It is at this juncture that it becomes absolutely essential for you as a doctor to have an indisputable online reputation. 

Your online reputation speaks about you, your qualification, your work, your patient’s opinion about you and much more. Most people believe that if you are not online, you are safe from being judged. However, that is not true. If you lack an online reputation, you essentially do not exit. Your patients won’t trust a doctor who isn’t well known enough to have a digital identity. Building up a great online reputation isn’t as tough or challenging as it sound. One of the most common ways to do this is having your own blog or a website. If you don’t have one of your own you can register yourself on platforms that bring doctors and patients together.  Posting articles on medical science, having online consultation etc adds to your online reputation. Patients are quick to form opinion and review their Doctors Online. It is essential to not only have good reviews but also strong online presence to curb any negative reactions.

To build a good online presence doctors can also use social media to their benefit. Along with blogs, start profiles on Practo, LinkedIn, Google+, a Facebook page or a YouTube helps greatly. Sharing your medical knowledge and helping patients will put you in touch with patients in real life. Answering a patient’s query on Quora or keeping up with the latest medical news and trends on twitter also helps. The idea is to build an online presence that helps patients know who you are, what you can do and how they can benefit. Your online reputation can propel your career ahead. In the age of digital revolution, don’t be left behind. It’s ok to jump on the digital bandwagon; the journey of the digital world has just begun.

Things Your Doctor Wants You To Know

7 months ago

Your doctor is not a miracle worker. Your doctor is a hard working professional whose aim is to help you live a better life. But it won’t be possible without your co-operation in more than one way. Here are a few things that your doctor wants you to know. Following and understanding these details will make life easier for both you and your doctor.
1)      Develop continuity
Changing doctors now and then will not help you get better. A second opinion is always good, but it is advisable to stick to one doctor and develop continuously. This doctor will understand your history better and will be better equipped to handle your problems.
2)      Respect
Your doctor is a professional offering highly valued service. It is pertinent to not only respect them as a professional but also respect their work. This basically means being on your best behavior and extending the courtesy and respecting their time and efforts. Respect their time and efforts. Turn up for your appointments, inform ahead if you are unable to do so.
3)      Ask questions
It is important to ask questions. Don’t just accept what your doctor tells you to do, ask questions, voice your concerns and clear your doubts. No question is too insignificant or stupid when it comes to your health.
4)      Take your medicines
Your doctor has prescribed your medication for a reason. Feeling better is not an indicator of good health. To ensure that the antibiotic work and complete the course. Completing the course increases the efficacy of the medication.
5)      Be honest
Do not lie to your doctor. No matter how insignificant or embarrassing you think your problem might be, try and be completely honest with your doctor about your situation. They rely on your statements a lot more than you think.
6)      Avoid internet fueled self-diagnosis
The internet is wonderful for information, but using this information for self-diagnosis and self-medication based on information availed from the internet. It is best to consult your doctor. Do not try to overrule your doctor’s opinion based on what you have learned from the internet.
7)      Bias
Men or women, gender is inane when it comes in a doctor’s skill. Skilled professional no matter who they are will treat you well, irrespective of their gender. Look for a doctor who has the right certification, experience, good reviews and expertise. It is these factors that matter, not their nationality, religion, caste or gender.
8)      Doctors have a personal life
Doctors are humans and just like you they have a personal life, a family and friends. Remember that they too have a home to go to, make sure that you don’t leave things to the last moments for them. Emergencies can’t be helped everyone known that but to expect your doctor at your beck and call is wrong.

Optimize Your Doctor’s Appointment

7 months ago

How often is your trip to doctor satisfying? It goes without saying that not all trips to doctors’ is satisfying. We often have lingering doctors and concern that are left unanswered despite our trips to the doctor. We often leave with queries that have not been fully answered or have given rise to more questions. So here is how you can fully utilize your Doctor’s Appointment. 

1. Punctuality matters

It’s not easy getting an appointment with a good doctor. Their time is as valuable as yours. Therefore it’s important to be punctual for your appointments. Make sure you reach 15 minutes before your appointments. If you have been asked to do any tests or are supposed to undergo tests, make sure you do so before the appointments.

2. Make notes 

You have tons of questions and concerns, but often forget it all. It’s best to make a note of all your questions before you meet the doctor. Don’t be embarrassed about being pernickety about this. Your appointment will be more fruitful if you can get all information in one time.

3. Honesty is the best policy

There are two people you should never lie to, your doctor and your lawyer. Most people are embarrassed to talk to their doctor about their problem. But here is the thing; your doctor has seen it all. He/She has been trained to deal with these issues. No matter what your problem may be, be honest with your doctor so they can help you. 

4. Relax

Most people view a doctor’s office the same way they view gallows. This fear arises from use of injections, medicines and illness. These will make anyone nervous. It’s best to not give into your nerves and be calm and composed while meeting your doctor. 

5. Ask questions

Ask question to get your answers. Don’t just let the doctor tell you what is wrong with you. Get to the heart of the matter. Ask him or her everything that will keep you healthy, happy and sane. If you are at your doctor’s for information, make sure you get as much details as possible.

Understand The Use And Misuse Of Anti Biotic

7 months ago

The last few years have seen an overwhelming rise of people not only self diagnosing but also self medicating. Over the counter pills are a boon for those who don’t have time to go to a doctor for a mild headache or body pain, but for infections that need a trip to the doctor, people rely on over the counter anti biotic. The pill popping has gotten so bad that most medications don’t really work on people. The habit of choosing self diagnosis over visiting doctor and unrestricted use of anti biotic has resulted in serious health crisis. Antibiotics are losing their efficacy against the bacteria that cause infections in humans due to over use of anti biotic. The germs are dwelling resistance to most anti biotic are they are constantly exposed to their medication and it unregulated quantity. The dosage of their medications and their quantity has led to decline in efficiency of these medications.

Germs that inhabit our body and invade our body have the power to mutate. Through mutation and selection, germs can develop defense mechanisms against antibiotics. They can develop enzymes that would render the anti biotic inactive. They also constantly reproduce and quite fast this results in a huge number of anti biotic resistant germs rendering medication ineffective. So what can an individual do? Well the answer is adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating right, staying healthy and staying clean. A hygienic environment, healthy diet and exercise should go along way. People should avoid using antibiotics for common coughs and colds, and avoid doctors who freely prescribe antibiotics to people. It is important to get vaccinated and educate oneself about the various issues surrounding antibiotics. The habit of popping pills for all ailments must stop.

It’s easy to use a quick fix to repair things temporarily, but it hurts your body in the long run. What is essential is to remember is that your body needs long term pans. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Have annual checks ups, live by the saying, Prevention is better than cure

Bad Health Habits Other Than

7 months ago

There things people do to themselves that lead to their own dwindling life span. People often forget that doctors exist for a reason. Their medical degrees are meant to be taken seriously and they do in fact hold superiority that no online site, old wives tales or quacks could tell you. People often take advice from websites or people without thinking twice. But here is the thing, what works for them may not work for you. It’s easy to declare that human body is the same, but be aware that no two people are alike. Everyone has a different immune system; everyone has a different lifestyle and different routine. There are many habits like sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking, drugs and junk food which are considered bad. But worse than those are a few that we have cultivated innocently. Here are a few of those habits that we need to actively avoid. 

1)    Self Diagnosis 

Self diagnosis is something that we are all guilty of. What may be as simple as a headache would be blown out of proportion by the time you are done googling about it. Most people simply Google their symptoms and decide for themselves what is wrong with them .They will go so far enough to argue with their doctor about their conditions based on the information they found online. This is a bad habit that people need to break. Your doctor knows better than the Google. His diagnosis is based on personal examination not programmed information. 

2)    Self Medication 

What usually follows self diagnosis's self medication. Unfortunately most of the medicines available over the counter are unregulated. Some of these medicines like combiflam have been found to be substandard. However they continue to be freely sold and people don’t need prescriptions to buy them. This kind of self medication is dangerous. The best person to prescribe medicines for you is your doctor who will do it based on his knowledge and experience. You are less likely to face any health issues or side effects when you consume medicines prescribe by the doctor. 

3)    Home Remedies 

Home remedies and old wives tales are for those who are too stingy to visit their doctors or just plain lazy. Most of your old wives tales are simply useless. Home remedies have a little more success in this area. However for these normally fix your problem temporarily for longer term solution you need a proper diagnosis from your doctor and must take proper medicines. 

4)    Lying to your doctor 

There is a saying that goes ‘Never lie to your lawyer and doctor’. When your well being is in question, this saying stands true. Most people lie to their doctors as there are either afraid of medicines or they are simply embarrassed. Being afraid of medicines won’t solve your problems and being embarrassed doesn’t help your situation at all. There is nothing to be embarrassed; your doctor has already seen it all.

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How To Find The Right Surgeon

8 months ago

Would life be wonderful if all that you enquired about and all the information you needed bunched up under one small space. Google does exactly that but search engines aren’t mind readers that why we have specific websites dedicated to all our needs. When it comes to medical needs we have quite a few websites offering all kinds of help o various ailments. But the best kind of help in any healthcare situation would be a list of doctors, their reviews, how to find them and where to find them; these needs are met by about clinic in a rather packed together way. 

On Aboutclinic.com, you can search for the doctors depending upon what you need the doctor for. For example if you were looking for a doctor who specializes in liposuction, Aboutclinic.com will help you narrow down your search considerably. You can choose among the list of liposuction procedures, related procedures and choose a doctor from within your nearby location. Once you have zeroed down on the doctor you can find out the rate for the procedure, along with reviews for the same. Your preferred surgeon’s qualifications along with their reviews and specialties will be listed on the page. You can also view the before and after images of patients who have had the surgery and read their reviews. This is a complete set of information that will help you understand your doctor and accordingly book the appointment. 

Choosing a doctor for any procedure is a daunting task, you are not only trusting them to give you’re your money’s worth you are actually trusting them with your life and well being. Aboutclinic.com prides itself in helping you find the right doctor closest to you so that all your healthcare needs are met in the best possible way with minimum efforts on your part.

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Digital Records Are Changing Lives

9 months ago

Doctors no longer rely on piles of paper and notesto keep a track of how their patients are doing. They no longer try to keep up with an ever increasing paper trail. Doctors have gone digital and how! While many doctors still swear by the good old method of paper filing, most have moved to their digital era. Their patient records and all the information is now stored digitally. Instead of asking patients for long winding information on their last check up and illness, doctors have all the information at their finger tips. This not only save time but also saves a lot of paper, mess and not to mention it is quite effective in helping doctors have all the information they need without going back and forth between the records. 

Recently, medical professionals have been using various software for their work. This is not just good for doctors; it is also great for patients. Patients need their doctors to be well organized. Storing all the information about patients, digitally helps doctors access all information quickly, compare details that either may have missed and all of a patient health related data is easily available.This is extremely helpful when a doctor needs to refer a patient case to another doctor. Instead of a long winding paper trail, all the information can be sent within seconds. Organized information will help avoid costly mistake from both the sides. Electronic health records help doctors pass on the information to the rest of the team more precisely and faster. Over all EHR (Electronic Health Record) makes everybody’s life easier.

It’s not just patient records can be digitally stored. A Doctor can fix appointments, check the logs and stores all related information about his patient, his outreach and the effectiveness of any kind of treatment through digital records. There are downfalls of technical failures, but if everyone invests in backups and measures for digital security, life and work would be smooth sailing for all involved. Doctors going digital is a good news for all and sundry. Technology has a way of surprising medical community in various ways. Who knows what the future holds for us!

Clean India, Healthy India

9 months ago

There isn’t much you can do for your health if your surrounding is not just polluted but also a hub for diseases. It’s a well known fact that India desperately needs to catch up on its sanitization. The unsanitary and unhygienic condition of the country screams the callousness that reeks of our indifference towards maintaining a clean country. Communicable diseases have various means of infecting people. India has created a breeding ground for carriers of diseases and has no major plans in place to combat these issues. Starting with the open defecation, the list is endless. We have effectively polluted almost all the surfaces, including air and water. Its not the pollutants as much as the diseases that they carry that should bother you. No amount of mosquito repellent will keep them out and diseases like diarrhea and flu can spread to you no matter how safe you try to stay. 

The culprit has always been the careless human kind that resides with no thoughts as to how they abuse their surrounds. One may not thinks much about throwing away a wrapper of chocolate on their stress but it always escalates. People all over the city love pets but rarely do clean up after them. Animal waste carries same out of harmful diseases and not to mention they make grounds and streets dirty. The open defecation and urination is yet to be tackled half the city lacks proper drainable, huge open gutters are breeding hub for all sorts of viruses and bacteria. The question is how do we start? And what do we do? The answer is sky is the limit no amount of action that you take towards keeping your surrounding clean is small or unimportant. 

It’s time to put the idiom ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ in action. Having cleaner surrounding will not only eliminates disease causing agents, it will also help curb the amount of disease carrier. Be aware of your surrounding and ask local authority for a through sanitization. India already has ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative in place; this is a good step towards better nation, a cleaner one. Do not think about adjusting with unsanitary conditions. Demand a clean surrounding to ensure a safer and better future for you and your loved ones.

Dos And Don’ts Of Medical Information Online

9 months ago

Often doctors might say internet is the boon and the bane of their existence, given that patients Google their symptoms and often decide that is wrong with them all by themselves. It not only negates what a doctor has to say, it is also a gross error to diagnose oneself if they are not professionals. Patients often take it to entering their symptoms and landing up on the page that Google will direct them to. This leads to the conclusions they may draw from whatever is mentioned on the page. While Google has been friend and more in last few years, it is more or less a troublemaker when people use it without making much heads and tails of the situation and the medical jargons they may come across. The best thing to do is to educate yourself on how to search for the right information online to avoid waste of time and pointless panicking

Use the right keywords

1)    Choose only trustworthy websites

There are quite a few websites offering medical information to unsuspecting patients. Most of these are people who have been researching information online. Some on the other hand come from trusted sources like doctors and other medical professionals. Choose websites that offer information supplied by doctors.

2)    Avoid advises from other patients

There are many forums where patients often give out advises and narrate their experiences. It’s best to take everything with a pinch of salt. No two patients are alike, neither are their problems or issues. What works for them may not work for you. Draw your own inferences and seek out a doctor rather than rely on their advice.

3)    Interact with doctors online

The doctors who have their own websites are answers via forum are some of the best people you can rely on for medical advises. However no prescriptions can be given out on internet. This often warrants a visit to the doctor. It’s always in your best interest to set up an appointment rather than follow online advice.

4)    Book yourself an appointment online

Booking an appointment with a doctor of your choice is easier than you think. The doctors utilize the power of internet and booking an appointment with them is just a click away. You can use the websites that cater to such activities or simply log in to their website for this purpose.

Getting New Patients Through Online Medical Marketing

9 months ago

A decade ago no one could have predicted the explosive growth of internet marketing. The power and extend of internet marketing remain unexplored. The possibilities are endless, unlike many other things, internet is everybody’s playground. You can find a way to fashion anything into a great tool that you can easily use to your own end. Medical marketing is a term that is booming and being explored by doctors who know where to find their patients. With patients turning to the internet for everything from the common cold to cancer, the internet is a common place for doctors and patients. Patients don’t always know how to find what they need. Search engines aren’t as organized as one would like them to be. Using the right tools will take you to the right person and the right path. Most doctors are missing out on the untapped potential of the internet. We hope that these internet marking tips can help doctors who, having had a test of medical marketing.

1)    Generation Website

You can either start your own lead generation website or register yourself on one. Digital marketing is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity. To widen your patient base, your medical practice must have marketing plan and strategy.  Your services should be listed out to prospective patients who search the web every day for services just like yours.


2)    Capture Prospective Patients

Capturing the attention of your prospective patients is important. Before they turn to Google and decide what is wrong with them, you need to lead them to the right information. This can be done by providing fascinating and helpful content that shows your knowledge in your field.


3)    Online presence

Building a strong online presence is quite useful.  YouTube videos, Facebook, twitter and blogs are quite helpful in bringing patients closer to you. Being active in online forums helps greatly. Answering medical queries to eh best of your knowledge will not only help patients it also builds your reputation.

It is time to explore the unchartered territories of online medical marketing and push the boundaries to unearth new and fascinating facets of digital marketing for medical practices.

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About Clinic- Special Features

9 months ago

Searching for doctors and services online can be both unnerving and tiresome. The number of services available online can be both baffling and confusing. The number of services that you come across could be overwhelming and may make it difficult for you to choose the one that would be best for you. Wouldn’t it be easier if one single website could cater to all your needs and give you all that you want? Well, the twin wonders of technology and innovative thinking has brought such a websites to life. Now you have websites that cater to all your medical needs like appointments, seeking doctors near you etch under one banner. It makes searching for doctors easy by not only listing what they do and you can also see their availability to book appointments. 

One of the best aspects of having a website that has all the details about the doctors that you need is that they not only list doctors but provide you far more information. At Aboutclinic.com, we believe in stockpiling all the information that anyone visiting our sites may need. With this idea in place one of our features includes specialty sections. Here you will find the list of doctors who offer the services that you seek along with their years of experience in the field and their location. Example if you are looking for cosmetic surgeons, we can refine it down to the country you are seeking the doctor in and provide all the information you need. This narrows down your search considerably and helps you make a wise, informed choice. The information listed in aboutclinic.com is all encompassing and quite helpful. This makes aboutclnic.com a one stop solution for all your medical needs. 

Aboutclinic.com is outfitted with the best innovation in digital and information technology; we are committed towards providing you an comprehensive yet simplistic tool to guarantee that your medical needs are satisfied with just a click. We believe that precise use of technology and medical knowledge is critical in saving time and life in the long run.

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