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ACGIL's Advanced Electra Hospital Information System will Transform Patient Care

2 days ago

Advanced treatment technology are quick enhancing healthcare around the globe. Supporting this, ACGIL's innovative advanced online Electra Hospital Information System (Electra HIS) additionally improves patient-centric care and a hospital's efficiency.

A plenty of improved treatment innovations are entering hospitals and diagnostic precision is being created through advanced strategies. ACGIL's technically strong telemedicine technology and ultrasound system deliver endlessly better, detailed imaging for expanded accuracy and visibility.

Utilizing the most recent technologies to build up a hospital's condition better and medicinal services can maximize the effect and interest in cutting edge treatment equipment.

New technologies, for example, online clinic administration system, telemedicine, cloud-based software access, mobile version, medical imaging and diagnostics as well as latest technology enabled management features empower hospitals and healthcare facilities to manage more affordable, with better control of assets and enhanced results.

The key components that set ACGIL's Electra Hospital Information System apart from other software solutions are its integrated design, modular structure, high level security features, and much more. It is adaptable and the user friendly interface is extremely easy to understand.

Electra Hospital Information System has huge list of advanced modules which make it simple to automate any large scale hospital, coordinating a range of other software solutions that might be set up be it a radiology data framework or pathology management software or whatever other as of now utilized hospital software.

It reduces clinical errors, enhances staff's productivity, improves patient care, every module works as an independent system and can be integrated with other modules to form one comprehensive hospital management and information system with better functionality.

Around the globe, our inventive healthcare system software are emphatically affecting on hospital administration and patient care. By guaranteeing a patient's data is easily accessible with web-enabled solution and effortlessly available with consistent operations set up.

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About company:

ACG Infotech Ltd. (ACGIL) is committed to providing the healthcare industry with high end information technology healthcare solutions that are accessible and cost-effective to everyone. The firm primarily took this step in terms of providing platform as a service.

Later, by making various latest technology based improvements in Electra HIS, ACGIL started to provide these management system as software as a service (SaaS). They ensure the implementation of such software systems that quickly build and deploy with the existing software and enterprise architecture.


ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL)

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ACGIL Offers an Agile ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

one month ago

An ERP for manufacturing industry is generally suitable for small, medium-sized and big manufacturers across the globe. It could be purchased from all small alongside huge ERP firms giving ERP selection choices that satisfy your requirements.

Manufacturing industry ERP software integrates consistently right over the business, from sales forecasting to production planning arranging including MRP, procurement, master generation scheduling, inventory, bills of materials, warehouse management solution and maintenance and many more.

ERP software for the modern manufacturers exceptional adaptability accommodates an extensive variety of manufacturing strategies. It empowers discrete, bunch process and custom producers to accomplish upper hands in a dynamic marketplace. The manufacturing module provides a variety of elements for evaluating, ace booking, limited capacity scheduling, work execution, costing, lot and serial tracking, purchasing/accepting material check, and material requirements planning.

As everyone knows that an ERP is the crucial component of each business organization. Furthermore, it is a fact that, in current time, the manufacturing sector is encountering the shortage of an aggressive and strong system for this industry that could support business adequacy and lift execution to secure income in a moderate technique. A perfect manufacturing ERP solution could be effective which can possibly enhance business methods. A perfect Enterprise Resource Planning solution could programmed business methodology and components of an organization.

An ERP for manufacturing industry addresses all parts of the manufacturing procedure. This feature gives the capacity to synchronize and coordinate a variety of production strategies all inside one completely integrated system software.

In today circumstance, there are a lot of ERP alternatives provided for the industry by various reputed software development companies. In the event that we talk about past couple of years, the product application is particularly made for manufacturing markets and it is eminent as an ERP manufacturing. The gadget has really a fused procedure methods that are made particularly to improve utilizing a provider's sources. It was very valuable in diminishing the entire costs, entire life process, fundamental material purchase, promoting, sales to reserve, production, manufacturing get ready.

About the company

ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL) is a one stop solution for all types of cloud ERP, web based ERP, online ERP, open source ERP solutions for manufacturing, construction, real estate & infrastructure, retail, distribution, warehouse & logistics, pharma & chemicals, etc. ACGIL is also offering cloud hosting services to almost all the clients and managing support services quite satisfactorily. ERP offered by ACGIL will soon have mobile based apps to manage its ERP.

Since 1993, ACGIL has been engaged in offering highly powerful and sophisticated ERP solutions to facilitate the entire manufacturing sector. Headquartered in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India, ACGIL has offices in United Kingdom, USA, Muscat, and Kathmandu. The company's products are developed using PHP, HTML 5, AJAX, Java Script and other cutting-edge technologies which allow ACGIL to retain its core values.

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Company: ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL)

Address: H 87, Sector-63, Noida, UP-201301, India

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ACGIL Best CRM Software Development Company

2 months ago

ACGIL's Mx-CRM permits you do more than just managing customer database with point of interest. With the help of Mx-CRM software, a web based CRM solution you can characterize and manage Customer loyalty programs, assign points, issue and reclamation of gift vouchers, etc.

Mx-CRM is a web based advanced customer relationship management solution specially developed for small & medium businesses to enhance their profitability and proficiency. Developed like a user-friendly flexible CRM application, Mx-CRM is a suite of ten powerful modules covering all core business processes spreading from lead management to multi-level inventory.

As a cutting-edge software development firm with solid experience in the Cloud solutions, we offer clients quick benefits. The CRM solution integrates systems and tools that help organizations organize better customer relationships in an improved manner. It effects the way companies interact with their clients connections in a sorted out way. It definitely impacts the way companies connect with their clients, empowering them to know their needs better. This in turn will create better products and more opportunities.

Mx-CRM, a web based CRM gives a comprehensive solution to deal with the workforce. The organization information is hosted on the Cloud, which implies both administration and the individual representative can oversee data that worries them. The solution is simple to use, runs in a safe atmosphere, and sufficiently adaptable to incorporate with existing frameworks. It has strong features such as social media integration and mass mailing that makes it a best online CRM solution.

Better customer satisfaction, marketing and sales, are basics for business development and end up possible with CRM items with a huge range. Every product covers a special area and is of great requirement for each business firms.

Dealing with the marketing campaigns, tracking the outcomes, deciding future planning, and improved client cooperation all ends up possible with the extensive variety of CRM software, lead generation management, and customer support solutions. ACGIL's Mx-CRM is equipped with various strong and effective tools that are dedicated to give your business a go. We provide extensive variety of enterprise solutions for your company to keep you up with the business market trends.

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About the company

ACG Infotech Ltd. (ACGIL) is one of the top ERP, CRM, Hospital software, E-commerce solutions & other IT services provider company in India. The company offers its cutting-edge Cloud ERP & web based CRM solutions for various industries such as manufacturing, construction, real estate, retail, distribution, pharma, chemicals, warehouse, logistics, trading, & healthcare.

ACGIL was formed to develop advanced software solutions that would help satisfy the demand of the modern time market trends. We have grown up from a couple of experts to a solid professional team of 25 years in Cloud based solutions development.

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ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL)

H-87, Sector-63, Noida, UP-201301, India

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ACGIL Rewarded As One of the Top ERP Software Companies in India

4 months ago

ACG Infotech Limited (ACGIL), a leader in the ERP software development world, denoted as the best source for designing & development of modern ERP software solutions. Based on numerous market and employee surveys, ACGIL is honored by the entire IT industry for its proven strategy of providing IT support to various expanding businesses.

As the popularity of any of the company's products is dramatically increasing, they definitely needed a system software that will help & support the production levels, material used and multi-level bills to be created and managed. There is no doubt on the fact that each & every domain is continually evolving due to the high rise in technology. Hence, utilizing the multi-functional yet flexible ERP systems that better suited their working environment and also the ever changing demands.

It is a big achievement for ACGIL that enterprises recognize the company by their hard work and dedication, not by their name or anything else. The fact "work comes first" has been followed here with every business strategy, which assist our firm in bringing new opportunities in terms of huge client base. ACG Infotech is feeling proud to announce that all its ERP solutions get selected & largely implemented by various business organizations all over the globe and also been nominated as the best industry oriented business management solutions.

Despite one of the top ERP software companies in India, the firm is committed to fulfill all the business requirements of the clients with priority basis. Being a popular name in IT software development and consulting companies, our company has been chosen by the clients from past many years as the best ERP development company that efficiently & timely deliver the user-centric, scalable and cost effective business solutions to the entire business world.

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About ACGIL:

ACG Infotech Limited is the pioneer in the domain of software consulting & development and also involve supporting the evolving multi-operational needs of the business enterprises. Various powerful and industry based ERP solutions provided by ACGIL assist the organizations in staying at the forefront of their industry by making them capable of performing efficiently thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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ACG Infotech Limited

Address: H 87, Sector 63, Noida, U.P. 201301, India

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How ERP Software for Manufacturing Can Eliminates the Hurdles of the Manufacturing Process

10 months ago

Manufacturing ERP software has found a valuable place in the manufacturing industry due to its several attributes. Manufacturing ERP software assists a manufacturing business in making better planning for the processes, making wiser decisions. It also prepares the company to face the unwanted obstacles in the whole business process cycle.

ERP is an included system and stands for enterprise resource planning. It meets the management demands of any business with a software. Enterprise resource planning is a highly organized and perfectly understandable move to effectively manage various operations of the business that helps to keep the business running.

An excellent ERP software developed for process manufacturing companies has various features such as it is able to adopt the market trend and scalable. The software should be able to reduce the cost of manufacturing, reduce the total working time, which increase in the production cycle, and decrease in the quantity of wastage. It provides an easier data maintenance on the various units that are located at various locations of the world.

These solution allows a better market visibility and it is also able to predicting the ongoing demand of the market for getting an edge over the competitors. This application also provides the help to improve the product quality according the clients' requirement. It keeps the cost of the maintenance low and unable an easy communication with the partners.

Resource planning is the core of the this software and it effectively aids in various activities of of the manufacturing that are based on material, labor and machinery. Across many companies, especially a large-scale firm, there are numerous processes for completing the manufacturing procedure, finance department, sales & marketing, accounts, and other various tasks. To complete these tasks in only one module the need of ERP system arises as a good option because these all process can easily integrate into this application.

The constitution of the fully synchronized set of procedures in this software saves the valuable time of multiple tasking as well as the money that is invested in the operation. The manufacturing ERP software provides the company an integrated resource planning, shop floor & serial number control, inventory control, and material acquisition. Besides these benefits, the manufacturing software also ensures the quality that is a highly important component of the manufacturing system.

The manufacturing ERP software is easily compatible with large, medium, and small-sized manufacturing companies and it can be processed by a fully unified system. This system is able to eliminate the duplicate entries and keep the track of the products.

There are a number of difficulties in the process of manufacturing that makes all the process complex which results in the loss of the profit and unnecessary wastage of the resources. The ERP for manufacturing industry is now a good solution to remove all the complexity of the business.