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Style Guide on Bracelet Watches for Women!

17 days ago


Style Guide on Bracelet Watches for Women!


Who knows that the earliest wristwatches were worn on arms? How many of you are interested in Patek Phillippe bracelet watches designed in 1868? Well, time is endless and so is the trend. Right from Queen Elizabeth to famous personalities, bracelet watches for women have faced a come and go. In twenty-first century, wearing a bracelet-like-jewellery in one hand is a minimalistic style approach for a sober look.



Valentine Week Days with Surprise Gifts Ideas


Oh god! For young boys, it is easy to remember public holidays than to remember valentine weekdays name and details. But, like an old saying, everything is fair in love and war; it is ok to work an extra mile to see your love smiling with surprise gifts for her. So, here we start our homework of knowing the complete list of love weekdays with what gifts could make your valentine fall in love with you more.