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Some Helpful Tips about Ayurvedic Body Massage


Ayurveda Body Massage

Astang Ayurveda is a leading Ayurveda Hospital in Bhubaneswar. It provides the best wellness care. It is the best body massage centre in Bhuhaneswar. Body massahege in Bhubaneswar is a very potential concept. We provide synchronized Ayurvedic massage. Some people call “Ayurvedic massage at Astang Ayurveda” as Kerla massage. Some people prefer oil massage, some powder massage. An Ayurvedic Massage or Abhyanga must be followed by a steam bath. Both Ayurvedic massage and steam bath gives immense pleasure to both body and mind.

Types of massage

Massage is a universal concept. It is popular world wide. Pediatric massage of China and India are very well known. Now a days also Pediatric massage is very popular in India. Thai massage, Swedish massage, Siatsu, Ayurvedic massage are the different types of massage. The people of swedish massage have classified different strokes and given them different names. The strokes are efflurage, thumb rolling, kneading, cupping etc.

Benefits of Ayurveda Body Massage

At Astang Ayurveda massage is a holistic approach. One holistic massage takes care of the body, mind and soul. It promotes blood circulation. As a result it helps oxygenation of all the cells and organs. It tones the skin. It helps preventing wrinkle in face. It helps strengthening the joints. The tendons and ligaments become flexible and tough. The back stiffness and back pain is eradicated. Some knots are observed at the upper back of some hard working people. Massage dessociates the knots on the back. Spine stiffness gives pain while getting of the bed or chair. Ayurvedic massage and steam bath brings flexibility to the spine. Swelling feet is a regular complain with middle to old aged people. A body massage promotes lymphatic drainage and prevents swelling. Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic body massage is very helpful in knee joint pain. It removes all the dead cells from the skin. It clears the micro channels inside the body.

Benefits of massage have been described in many ancient documents. In Greek literature Odessi, The Great Homer has written, to provide massage to the tired soldiers at the end of the war. In Ramayan and Mahabharata and also in Vedas, massage has been praised like any thing.

Guidelines of Body massage

Four things should be kept in mind before conducting a massage. The massure, the guest, the massage room and the massage oil or any other medium like powder, gel, cream etc are the four components of a massage.

The Guest:

The guest must come to the massage centre in a positive mind. He must come in a light stomach. He should put on a light , clean and bright dress during the massage. Taking off the jewellery is required. He should avoid speaking during the massage.

The masseure:

The masseure must be skilled, caring and sincere to the guest. He should obtain proper training and possibly a genuine certificate. Keeping all his sorrow and stress behind he should conduct massage in a jolly mood. His positive practice will give a positive sense to the massage.

The massage room:

The massage room should be clean, free from dust and smell, warm. Deem light, classical music with low volume is advisable. Clean bed sheet, soft towel, soft but tough cushion helps bringing the best feeling to the massage.

The massage oil/ Powder

The masseure may select a medium to conduct a massage. But the oil or powder or gel must be free from infection. It is better to check with the skin and the oil or cream.

The best body massage centre in Bhubaneswar :

I believe Astang Ayurveda is the best Ayurvedic body massage centre in Bhubaneswar. Here the therapists are very well trained. They provide the best synchronized body massage. The costumes and cushion are sterilized in the autoclave machine. The oil is collected from the best Ayurvedic companies. Steam bath, clean bath room with geyzer are available. Cleanliness is definitely up to mark. Reasonable price, a cup of coffee adds fragrance to the objective of personal care at this best body massage center in Bhubaneswar.