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Why Naroto is focusing on Digital marketing over other marketing Channels


Naroto is an Industrial Engineering Goods Manufacturing company in India. They specialise in producing plastic moulding machinery and other rotational moulding machines.

The Marketing Challenge

Similar to other brands and businesses in the industry, Naroto also went through the transition of conventional marketing to web marketing in the past few years with the advent of the internet. Accounting to the remarkable success of web marketing, Naroto generated most of its leads through this marketing strategy. But despite that, the company was facing managerial issues.

The company employees weren’t qualified to carry out digital marketing. That’s why they outsourced the work to a specialised firm. Though the firm was working efficiently, no company employee of Naroto was able to supervise their activity and strategies due to their lack of knowledge. Due to this, they weren’t able to achieve the targeted goals.

The Strategised Solution

The Management team of Naroto decided that the strategical solution to this problem would be that some of their employees took up a Digital Marketing Course. After gaining ample knowledge of digital marketing, these employees would be able to monitor the activities of the web marketing of Naroto.

The Implementation of the Strategy

After thorough research, they found a pioneer Digital Marketing Institute in Ahmedabad which would provide optimum training to two of their employees. These employees underwent vigorous training in digital marketing.

They learnt the detailed procedure of digital marketing and the various sub-domains that it encompasses. They understood the various specialised SEO processes like Website Contents, Conversion Optimisation, Google Analytics, Paid Marketing, etc.

The focus of their training was to make them thoroughly familiar with these SEO concepts and other aspects of Digital Marketing. With such knowledge, they would be able to monitor the web marketing process of Naroto precisely.

The Outcome

Post their Digital Marketing Training, these employees now understood the process of web marketing intricately. With the clarity of the concepts of SEO, they could now work for the website of Naroto.

They applied the various SEO concepts and digital marketing concepts that they had learnt on their own website. They enhanced the website layout, content tracking and other SEO activities. Thus, they made their website search engine optimised and ensured better search engine rankings. This was followed by an increased organic traffic on the website of Naroto. Consequently, their lead generation also enhanced and the final outcome was a comprehensive boost in the sales and the profits of Naroto.