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A Brief Introduction Related to the HRMS Software App in IT Industry.

3 months ago

 Employee Onboarding

The ‘Cubic On-Boarding’ App involvement leads to a new experience for a fresher employee and reduces the workload on Human Resource (HR) team. This app can be easily installed on the mobile, tablet and computer system which makes less paper work. New joiners can easily combine into their teams quickly, whereas HR team can focus on the interview candidates coming on-board and not working on non-productive tasks. Cubic Logics’ HR365 helps in making employee onboarding easy.

Leave Management

The ‘Leave Approval Management’ System, also known as ‘Leave Management System’ (LMS) or ‘Time Off Management’ manages the employees’ absence confirmation, their working hours, leave accrual and accordingly generates reports. The Cubic ‘Leave Approval Management System’ on the cloud is a well configurable and can easily address leave approval management requirements of any big or small organization. LMS can be integrated to SharePoint Office 365 subscriptions and it does not need extra infrastructure. This is one of the great Office 365 HR Apps of HR365 Suite which helps in increasing productivity of HR teams.

 Expense Reimbursement

The ‘Expense Reimbursement’ App is a SharePoint/Office 365 based app that completely centralizes the entire cost report life cycle and is specially designed to handle any volume of employees in the company. Suppose your employees who need to generate expense report, then this app is right for your company or organization. This app has many benefits as it saves time, money and makes work easier for your company. Expense Reimbursement is one of the SharePoint Apps which leverage Office 365 infrastructure.  

Payroll Management

The ‘Payroll’ is an Office 365 cloud-based real-time Payroll management and processing software app that is developed and hosted on office 365 frameworks. Since, Cubic Payroll is a powerful and highly configurable, allows one to automate the payroll process. One can generate TDS & PF, Payslips, form-16 & much more. Selecting the proper software will save your precious time, efforts & boost productivity, thus becoming company’s unique asset and your best partner.