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Gastric Bypass Surgery – the best weight loss surgery

18 days ago

Obesity is a big problem nowadays. It not only affects your body but mind as well. Slowly one starts getting prone to a number of diseases thereby bring down the quality lifestyle of an individual. That is when the Weight Loss Surgery comes into action and does the work for you. It is one of the effective ways to lose weight and put an end to obesity. Now you might be thinking as what is done in this surgery that you start losing the weight. In such surgeries, the main emphasis is on your stomach. Surgery is done to regulate the amount of food your stomach takes in. Lesser the amount of food you eat, lesser will be the absorption and so the impact will be directly on your weight.


Now the Weight Loss Surgery is also of different types depending on your BMI and health. The doctor can best suggest you as which surgery will be suitable for you and accomplish the purpose. In this article we will talk about the gastric bypass surgery.


Gastric bypass surgery

As the name indicates, this is the surgery wherein the focus is on the stomach as well as the intestine. The surgery is done to regulate the amount of food taken by the body and the way it is absorbed. In this kind of surgery, the size of your stomach decreases. This means you will eat less and still feel as if your stomach is full. Also not all the food that you eat will get into the stomach and intestine thereby reducing the calories your body takes. This will definitely have an effect on your body weight and slowly you will feel the difference.


Usually laparoscopic surgery is done in this case. Thus it will be a pain-free experience for you and the recovery will be a faster one.


How gastric bypass surgery is done?

Before the surgery is begun, you are given general anaesthesia. You will feel unconscious and will not feel any kind of pain during the surgery.  Now there are two steps in the process.

Firstly the size of the stomach is reduced. This is done by dividing your stomach into two parts, the upper smaller one and the bigger bottom one. The upper portion is your stomach which takes in food. So once it is reduced, you will eat less and so is the absorption of the food.

Once the stomach size is reduced, the bypass surgery is done. A small opening in your intestine is made and connected to your stomach. So now whatever you eat will not go into the intestine but the new opening. As the space is small, it will absorb less food thereby affecting your weight.

Once the surgery is complete, instruments are removed and stitches are given. If you are looking for a specialist of Weight Loss Surgery, get in touch with the experts of CUSP Surgeons that include Dr Vikrant Sharma, Dr Saleem Naik and Dr Nikhil Gupta. They are professionals in weight loss surgery and can help you in the right way. Best Gastro Surgeon

Bariatric Surgery – an effective treatment for obesity

18 days ago

Treating obesity on your own can be a tough job. Exercise and change in eating habits can bring a little change but not enough to get rid of obesity. This is where the bariatric surgery really proves helpful. It not only helps you to lose weight but the right eating habits can bring a significant change in the lifestyle too. In the present time a lot of people are dying due to obesity which results in a number of diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart related problems and lot more. With this surgery you can easily lower your weight and then follow a good and healthy lifestyle.

What is bariatric surgery?

This is the surgery done to lower the intake of the food and bring down the absorption of the same so that the body takes low calories. In this way lower the calories absorbed by the body, lower will be your weight. So the basic principle of the bariatric surgery is to decrease the size of the stomach so that you feel full by just eating a little amount of food.

In case of a healthy person, the food we eat goes into the stomach, breaks down and then the required nutrients are absorbed. But in case you have gone through a bariatric surgery, these nutrients will directly from the stomach to the new opening that is create during the surgery. Thus only few calories will be absorbed by the body and this will definitely affect the person’s weight. In sometime you will see that the individual is able to combat obesity and get rid of all the other related health diseases too. You start feeling healthier and full of confidence.

BMI and bariatric surgery

BMI or body mass index is the ratio of your height to your weight. This ratio tells you the range of your weight according to the height. In case you cross the range of your weight, it means you need to work on the same. But in some cases it is seen that BMI is too high and reaches to 35. This means that you are suffering from obesity. If your BMI is or above 35, you need to consult the doctor and go for the bariatric surgery. With the help of the Best Bariatric Surgeon you can easily find a way to overcome the same. Dr Vikrant Sharma and Dr Saleem Naik from CUSP Surgeons are the experts of this field and can help you in a proper way.

Post-Surgery care

Once the surgery is over, you need to take rest and follow the diet as suggested by your expert. Recovery will take a little time but soon you will be able to feel healthy and return to your routine activities. By doing what your doctor says can yield better results. So it will be a good idea if you follow their instructions carefully, eat healthy and lead a happy life. All this can make a big influence on your overall health and help you to overcome obesity too. So take good care of yourself. Best Obesity Surgeon