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Top 03 Role NGO’s Play for Underprivileged Children’s In Mumbai, India

9 months ago

Life goes by with many choosing to ignore the hardships and sufferings of humans in agony, distress and need. Underprivileged children housed in charitable institutions and destitute shelters suffer for want of basic amenities. The little joys of life that many take for granted are distant mirages for many children who suffer the double agony of physical disability and poverty. Society has a responsibility to each and every child who does not have access to amenities that are necessary. However, sadly, it is left to a handful of NGOs who support children in need. Recounted here is the yeoman role played by NGOs in alleviating the sufferings of innocent little children.


Supply of specialist medication
Many little children get a raw deal out of life, having to contend with disabilities. Many are unfortunately born deformed, while many end up with disabilities due to traumatic accidents that may have also snatched the lives of their parents and guardians. Every moment of the lives of such children are a battle with medical conditions that demand specialist and often expensive medication. The homes that nurse and take care of the children, face an inevitable shortage of funds to provide all medication. It is left to the philanthropic gestures of NGOs that provide medicines to such children in need.


Providing learning material
Despite the disabilities and problems, it is always the dream of children to be in a school and learn like others. However, many underprivileged children lack basic necessities. For instance, monsoons play havoc, resulting in waterlogged roads. Children from families and shelters who do not have the wherewithal to afford rain shoes, often have to stay away from school for want of shoes. Similarly, many shelters do not have the funds to provide textbooks for children. Here again, it is the heart warming gesture of NGOs that steal hearts, as children are provided with text books and other study material to see them through a year of academics.


Recognition of abilities and honorarium
Despite disabilities, the indomitable spirit of children are best seen in their attempts to rise above pain and shame to showcase their budding talents. The biggest service that can be done to the little prodigies are encouragement and recognition. Children in most homes lead a fairly secluded life with interaction limited to other children in the shelter or the school. NGOs understand the need for dignity and respect. Consequently, NGOs conduct little camps to showcase the budding talents of the children, enlightening society with the achievements of children in painting and other skills. Some NGOs have found great success in auctioning the works of little children and channelizing the proceeds for the welfare of the wards in shelters.


NGOs continue to render service to humanity, making a difference to the lives of many children. With the support of society, it is definitely possible for NGOs to reach out to larger numbers of underprivileged children and leave a positive impact in the lives and future of the innocent kids.


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