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Amazing HubSpot COS Tips and Tricks for Website Redesigns

8 months ago

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The HubSpot COS is the ideal platform for your next redesign of the site. Its design capabilities, as well as integration with all incoming marketing efforts, make it the best choice for the position. There are however some tips and tricks to consider when redesigning the HubSpot COS. Throughout any redesign, it is important to build to scale. As you want your website to be today a little different from the one you are going to want it in a year from now, use a platform that can adapt and become your business and your goals are important. In this blog, we will describe 5 tips and COS stuff that can increase the value of any COS redefinition.

  • Align Personas

As you've probably heard many times, aligning the content of your site with your buyers is very important. By doing so, you can be sure that your pages speak clearly to your target audience and offer great value. When redesigning your site, be sure to upload your people to the Persona HubSpot tool and put those identifiers available on the contact forms. Doing this during the redesign process will help define pages and offers of connection to certain people and enable you to measure these results in the future.

  • Take the Benefits of Smart Content

A common problem that many redraws discover is the prioritization of space and the layout of the site. Often, we face too much content or too much CTA on a page, which gives it a messy appearance. The HubSpot COS allows intelligent content and intelligent ATC, which can automatically display a particular text box or call to action depending on a single visitor. It can be used for known contacts, such as certain characters and members of a particular list, as well as for anonymous visitors based on the site or mobile. The use of smart content on your website not only helps to consolidate valuable site space but also to an excellent user experience.

  • Create Blog and Set Up Authors

Most website redesign presents a new impulse to create content, especially on the blog. With the hope of increasing the volume of traffic and keyword ranking, a re-vamped blog calendar is set up. In doing so, it's a great idea to create a list of blog authors on the COS blog. With each author, you can display an image, a biography, and a link to your specific social media accounts. The authors of the blog can really provide an additional voice and familiarity in the new site and need to be put in place before they can be ready to be published.

  • Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

An outstanding feature of COS is the reactivity of the mobile. Knowing that your website will work properly, regardless of device, requires peace of mind. However, during the design process, we can preview pages and designs on different devices and orientations to ensure images and text boxes work well. Although the COS is well-configured for mobiles, it's important to double-check custom pages and heavy-picture blogs to make sure everything goes as you want like PSD to HubSpot COS. To view these preview pages, simply select the different devices on the page editing screen. This will show you a variety of options to preview your new page.

  • Use global groups to minimize timing:

When designing models in COS, it is common to reuse modules through pages and, in addition, many of these modules are commonly placed together. To increase efficiency, you can group modules in the design center and save them as a group. This will give you the possibility to place a group on a page, such as in the sidebar or footer, and be sure that these documents are uniform on all pages.

Redesigning your website is a significant investment in time and money. Using tips and tricks that can save time and increase the value of your website can certainly help maximize the return on investment of the new website and all the efforts included in the planning steps. What other tips did you find when redesigning your site?

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