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Connecting Innovation To Daily Use Products

6 months ago

What we innovative and how we do it has seen major shifts in the past few decades. From innovation based on need it has been moved to ease.  There are many facets of technology and various driving forces that are coming together and what is emerging is this new innovation era. There is a lot of change occurring in our innovation abilities. We are seeing profound shifts that technology and digital transformation are bringing us to innovate differently. Well, to cut a long story short, Now that we have found electricity it is time to find alternate resources of energy. Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is one such organization where we believe in innovating as per the new era. Our products are of a diverse category and we strongly believe in creating products in a unique way for the necessity market. Introducing new products which are innovative, enhanced quality and tested makes Haayan a business that can differentiate our products from other businesses in same industries.

Know us – Haayan Innovations

Haayan Innovation has been set up with the aim to create and market new and innovative products to the market. However, what sets us apart is the fact that our products are created after extensive research in the market and understanding of the audience requirement. These products are not luxury goods, they would be available for buying from one of our direct salesperson at an extremely pocket-friendly value.

All the products marketed by Haayan Innovations are technically and scientifically tested for quality. Our efforts have been recognized and appreciated by many government bodies for our new and innovative products. Many of these products are made in India.

Our Strategy

We at HAAYAN Innovations are striving hard to set up the framework for the marketing strategy that helps to promote the new and innovative products solutions effectively via digital marketing. The target customers would be able to buy the product/solution directly from us through our inside telesales group. This would empower us and the buyers with the benefit of no third person involvement in the sales process.

The traditional collateral will be available, including a sales guide, data sheet, and inclusion in product family brochure. We would be reaching out to our customers by active participation in various trade shows, roadshows, conferences, etc. also includes demo stations, workshops at popular public places.

We are working diligently towards building social media platform to engage our target audience demographically, also ensuring that we don’t appear as push sellers in front of them. Create trust in our audience through our advertising and publishing activities.

Our Motto

Our range of products is extremely unique, from waterless bathing to X-Block tiles our objective is to reinvent all the daily use products more efficiently.

Ease of Life: People today are constantly in the move and are always in hurry. Our products like waterless bathing and HI-Detox have been specially crafted for this urban population who are on the constant move and in need of instant energy and refreshment.

Care For Earth: Our products are created ensuring that they are user as well as environmental friendly. We ensure that they are not harmful to our natural surroundings. Our team of researchers and marketers are equally dedicated and motivated towards creating unique products which are cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Healthy living: Healthy living ensures that you have a long and healthy life. With the constant use of our products, your desire to have a happy and healthy life can be easily achieved and maintained.

Our Products

We have an array of products catering to various sectors. Here is a list of these categories, also do click on the links to read in details about our products.


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Visit our website www.haayan.co.in to have a look at our various products and categories. Also, do follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to keep track of our new and upcoming innovative products.