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The Amazing Advantages of Windows Website Hosting


If you want your website to leave the maximum impact on the web, then you need to get the best web hosting services. Now, when it comes to web hosting, there are many options that you have. One of the best options that you have is Windows Hosting. Most of the leading companies who offer cheap web hosting in India, would offer you windows hosting services. A lot of people would recommend that go for Windows website hosting. But, what are the benefits of getting windows hosting. In the following post, we would be looking at the advantages of getting windows hosting

What Do You Get from Windows Website Hosting?

  • Ease of Use – If you are well acquainted with Windows OS on your computer, you would find it quite easy to work on server that comes with Windows Hosting
  • The .NET Framework – If your website relies on .NET or Visual Basic, then you need to get Windows Hosting. No other OS would be of much help to you.
  • Compatibility with Windows Access – If you want to get access to a website that needs to use a Microsoft Access database, then Windows Hosting is the best option for you.

The best website hosting services from the leading names in the business

There are a number of professional companies who would help you get the best services when it comes to Windows Hosting. Apart from Windows Hosting, these companies would also offer VPS Hosting Services, Shared Hosting, Linux Hosting and other services.

These companies would have some of the most experienced and highly trained technicians who would help you get round the clock support. They would constantly monitor your website and resolve any issue quickly. They would also help you sort out any issues with your hosting services. So, if you are facing any trouble with your website but you don’t know what it is, then you can always get in touch with the technicians and they would help you get quick solution to your services. So, getting their services would ease the hassles of hosting your website. This would help you the kind of professional service that you need to host your own website.

They have some of the most advanced dedicated servers and dedicated VPS. They also offer cheap reseller hosting services as well. So, take the help of the experts and get the best windows hosting services and that too, at the best prices!

What Makes VPS Hosting the Best Option for You


Having a reliable web hosting service is essential for every website. Over the past years, there are a few technological developments that had made hosting easier and affordable without compromising on the reliability. One such technology is Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting. VPS Servers are like the ‘the middle road’ between shared servers and dedicated servers. In the following post, we are going to take a look at VPS Hosting and the kind of advantages that it offers.

Defining VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server that is portioned in such a way that it has its own Operating System, disk space and bandwidth. A physical server might have several VPS server environment within it and each of the VPS servers would act as an independent server. Now, let us take a look at the advantages of VPS Hosting Services.

The Advantages of VPS Hosting Services

VPS Hosting has a host of advantages. These advantages make it suitable for a host of applications. Some of the biggest advantages of VPS hosting are

  • It’s Cheaper – The cost of getting your website hosted on a Dedicated VPS is cheaper than the cost of hosting your website on a dedicated physical server
  • It’s Scalable – VPS Hosting is Scalable. This means that you can start off small with limited resources. Then your website grows, you can increase your resources. This way you only pay for what you use.
  • It Gives Your Greater Options than Shared Hosting – VPS offers your greater freedom to use the server. You can use different scripts and also get root access with VPS server.
  • VPS Hosting Plans are Customizable – You can customize your VPS server to meet your individual needs. This makes VPS suited for wide range of websites.

Where to Get VPS Web Hosting in India?

There are a few leading website hosting companies which offer cheap web hosting in India. These companies would offer professional VPS hosting services at affordable prices. Apart from VPS hosting, these companies also offer Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting as well as Cheap Reseller Hosting in India. These companies use the latest and the most advanced web servers and they also have an experienced team of technicians who would offer you round the clock support. This would ensure that your website stays online without any glitches. So, get in touch with these companies and realize the true potential of VPS hosting.