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Reasons Why Students Opt for Proxy Attendance during Examination

2 months ago

Now-a-days, students do from anything to everything to get good grades in exams, whether it means to carry chits within the examination hall or to hire a person to give exams instead of them. This gives them a huge advantage over the hard-working and bright students, which of course is totally unacceptable. As a consequence, many cases of impersonation have been reported in respected exams of the country like SSC exams, Medical entrance exams and school board examinations.

There are many reasons why proxy attendance is becoming a popular choice among students which also states why impersonation control through biometric device has become inevitable to control such cases:

  • Excessive pressure from parents and guardians: In a survey, students revealed that family pressure is one of biggest reasons behind the increase in anxiety and stress during the exams. Parents put undue pressure on their child to not only pass the examination but to get good grades as well. Various active gangs who offer proxy attendance to children in exchange of money have been reported in the past few months. The shocking fact is that some parents were also involved in this crime.

  • Loss of Confidence: The increasing competition leads to a loss of self-confidence in the students. They develop a complex and feel that they are not ‘good enough’ to secure good marks on their own. Thus, they find proxy attendance to be a much easier and secured route to score better in examinations.

  • Government Exams: Exams like SSC and others are the gate pass for a lucrative future. Thus students leave no stones unturned to make it there, even if that means hiring an impersonator.

  • Bad Company: Students fall in bad company or are trapped by the people indulging in impersonation. This leads to incorrect guidance and involvement in proxy attendance.

  • Being Ignorant about the consequences: Most students are unaware of the consequences of getting caught. Since they are unaware of the negative impact that being caught can have on their career, they consider impersonation a child’s play and delve into it.

In the wake of innumerable impersonation attempts by students, impersonation control through biometric device seems to be the most appropriate solution. Other solutions that can control the menace include frisking through metal detectors, jamming mobile phone signals through network jammers, etc.

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