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Few Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

3 months ago

A capacitor is a very important electronic component; in fact it is the most common component that is used after resistors. If you are wondering where you can find a capacitor, then you can be sure to find one in the everyday electronic items like a television, refrigerator, air conditioners, air coolers, water coolers, laptops, computers, mixer grinders and what not.

You just name any electrical object and it surely has a capacitor in it. A capacitor is that electronic device that stores the electric charge or electricity whenever voltage is applied to it. After coming in contact with the voltage, the capacitor releases the stored electric charge, whenever it is required by us. Any object that can store electric charge is called a capacitor that is also referred as a condenser.

A Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is the most common capacitor that is found in the modern day electronics. There are several good features of these capacitors, like low ESR, good capacitance-to-volume ratio, relatively low leakage, non-polarity, and low cost. These laudable features make it possible for electricians to buy capacitors in a bulk.

A Ceramic disk capacitor is the one that an electrical engineer will specify before any other capacitor. This is because a Ceramic disk capacitor effortlessly reduces customer energy consumption and improves the performance quality of the voltage profile that in return increases the revenue. This breeds reduced equipment stress and a capacitor control also results in longer equipment lifetimes.

Hence a ceramic disk capacitor is used so very commonly. The most common capacitors are to be found in every electrical device. A ceramic material is used as the dielectric by the electric device. These devices do not have any polarity and hence they could be connected in any direction on a circuit board.

There are several categories of capacitors. The capacitors that are generally safer than electrolytic capacitors are known as Multilayer ceramic capacitor.

 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor has higher capacitance relative to case size, it can generate high frequencies at lower impedance and it also has a very low ESR, this allows less power loss and successfully controls the heat that is to be generated.

They are easy to handle because their case size is small which helps in lower profile. This serves improved performance than any other voltage or capacitance types. Thus making Multilayer ceramic capacitor a great choice.

Why are Online Electronic Stores so Very Popular

4 months ago


The concept that is getting popular worldwide is ‘online shopping’. Today’s society prefers to purchase every single item online in order to save time and avail maximum benefits. Apart from clothes, shoes and groceries, people also search for electronic components online. The demand for electronic components in the market is high these days. That is the reason why several electronic components store have come online and have a variety of options to give to the audience. The availability of trusted electronic parts distributors has been activated as many an audience has faced the cases of fraudulency in online shopping. Still there are several reasons why these stores are very popular, let us look at all the reasons why:

It is safe

Each online store provides a safe and platform for shopping. The managers of an online store have years of experience and make sure that the customers feel safe with their money while investing in the products.

Comfortable medium

Online shopping does not require the buyer to carry a trolley everywhere in the shop and look for the items on the list. In fact a buyer can simply order whatever s/he desires even from home, office or someplace else. Thus electronic components online sell so much as the buyer can save both his time and energy.

Good Price

Electronic parts distributors make sure that the price at which they sell their products are lesser at price when compared to the offline stores. The benefits do not end here; you also get the option for paying the dealer in EMIs.

Exciting deals and offers

Electronic components online give some really exciting offers and deals especially during the festive seasons. Plus if you buy products of a certain price, then you will be getting free gifts. This is exciting enough for people to purchase products online and that too from home.

The newest feed

Electronic parts distributors make sure that they post about the latest electronics so that the customers can not only be aware but also can prefer the particular dealer in when ordering Electronic components online.

When online shops take such care about the customers, then they are meant to be popular worldwide and that too till such a extent that the products run out of stock in order to reach destinations that are beyond the boundaries of the country.

What Are Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries And Why Are They So Much In Demand

5 months ago

Lithium ion rechargeable battery is that one variety of battery that is just like a hero….it is in sheer demand all the time, it has high energy, it is considered as a mini powerhouse as it produces so much power and it is long lasting. In fact whenever someone searches for rechargeable battery online, Lithium ion rechargeable battery is the first option which they get and at times, they even come as the top suggestions for the user. Let us get more familiar with its characteristics:

The energy hub of a battery:

Just type in rechargeable battery online and you will be getting these batteries as the top most suggestion because they produce great energy. Due its highest energy density feature, it has an edge over other types of batteries and thus dominates the market. The load capacity of Lithium ion rechargeable battery is worth the money.

High self discharge

There are batteries like nickel cadmium battery, that require to be charged very often and frequently as they run out of charge in minimum time…but when it comes to Lithium ion rechargeable battery, they are almost 3-4 times more capable at holding onto the power does not run out of charge very easily. This saves the user from much annoyance as he or she does not require charging the battery frequently. These batteries are found in cell phones as well thus giving the phone much time to run on a single charge. This quality makes the batteries low at maintenance.

The best of things too require some extra attention in order to be better than the best….and so does this ultra famous rechargeable battery online require a better focus to outperform itself. If one wants to focus on the areas of improvement in these batteries, they will be the following:

The battery pack is extremely safe to use but the safety level will manifold if it will get a protection circuit. But o the other hand these circuits restrict the current flow.

When nobody is using these batteries they tend to age and thus experts have suggested storing these batteries in places where the temperature is cool and the charge during the storage should be 40 percent.

It has been noticed that when one orders batteries in bulk, the consignment charge comes under regulatory as well as transportation laws. But if one has ordered these batteries for personal use then these charges do not get applied.

Due to the high manufacturing cost of these batteries, they are costly. With some improvement and battery design, this too could be handled well. But these areas of improvements are very negligible in front of the advantages. Thus this is a Lithium ion rechargeable battery in a nutshell.

What To Keep In Mind While Buying Electronic Components Online

5 months ago

We put up in a world where electronics play a huge role to simplify our lives. Imagining life without them is a challenge as our lives revolve around them on a regular basis. There is at least one item in every house that comes in the league of electronics. This proves the point that our life circle has electronics as an avoidable arc in it. However making the right decision at the right time usually gets wrong if we lack knowledge and hence we should do a good research before buying electronic components online. Finding a trustworthy electronic parts distributors online is not an easy task these days as fraudulency is very common. Hence taking proper precaution before making a move is a must. Let us take a look at what all could be done in order to avoid fraudulency and to get genuine electronic components online at an economical price.

Research a lot

All electronic components have unique and individualistic characteristics---size and voltage capacity. To understand the right requirement of size and voltage is essential. As purchasing electronic components online with improper knowledge can simply be a wastage of a purchase. Even when the product is purchased and delivered, one should crosscheck about the entire specification of dimensions and characteristics of the product.

Trustworthy dealer

Before investing your hard earned money on electronic components online, you must take serious notes about the authenticity of the dealer. Electronic parts distributors are everywhere these days and hence hard to differentiate in between an authentic and fake one.  So look for the facts whether the dealer/distributor has all the necessary credentials and has a clean and well expressed history of dealing with electrical goods. 

Warranty and product cost

Electronic components may work perfectly but they might not last long. Hence checking out on the details of warranty becomes very important. With the warranty card a customer cannot be fooled by the electronic parts distributors and if any part of the electrical product suddenly stops working, then the customer can easily exchange the entire product with a new one within the warranty period. Plus when it comes to the product cost, a customer with a restricted pocket must always know that there are numerous dealers who can give you genuine products at a rational cost.

All the above points combined with the authenticity assurance of the electronic components will simply fetch you the bets of products at the most pocket friendly prices. Purchase wisely.









How do electrolytic capacitors and capacitors plastic film come to use

6 months ago

This is the generation where everything can come to you at a click of a button. With the help of technology, every macro and micro environment factors are growing at a tremendous speed. Online shops are increasing and the availability of the demanded products is getting better. To many people’s surprise, there are online electronic shops as well that sell all the crucial electronic products and at times provide electrolytic capacitors for sale. It has been noticed that electrolytic capacitors for sale attract a lot of crowd. This is because the benefits which an electrolytic capacitor provides are tremendous. They are most often used in lower frequency applications for power supply filters. For the low impedance lines for Radio Frequency and higher frequency, the high capacitance adds more value to the electrolytic capacitors by acting as a short.

On the other hand, people search for capacitors plastic film online very frequently. This is a capacitor that utilizes plastic film as the dielectric and aluminum or zinc as the electrodes to store electric charge.  

Capacitors plastic film is applied in a variety of aspects. Sometimes for A/D converters, sometimes for filters, motor run and peak voltage detectors. It is a specialty of the capacitors plastic film that they can provide high stability at cost effective rates. It is a good choice to go for them because even if something goes wrong electrically, it will be a matter of low losses even at high frequencies. It happens that high frequencies breed high losses, but with capacitors plastic film, the outcome is more favorable.

It could be expressed like this that capacitors are little like batteries. Though batteries and capacitors work on a completely different note but both store electrical energies in them. The online electronic store is aware of the fact that manufacturing industries require a lot of capacitors. The production process is constant and very aggressive in fact and hence it is required to be unstoppable. Thus the popular online electrical stores in India simply keep their stock full to meet each and every demand from the users.

There are stores that sell electrolytic capacitors at a very high rate but when it comes to few special online stores in India, electrolytic capacitors for sale are given. This is because the sellers are well versed with the demand frequency of the product. There are several other types of capacitors available online that fits with the variety of requirements of a factory and this is the reason why the online electronic stores are giving a tough competition to the offline electronics store, neck to neck.  



Finding electronics components online, just got easier.

6 months ago

Are you troubled enough that you are at the verge to give up at finding a good Electronic Components Store and especially when you are trying to find electronic components online?

To solve such issues, ITP India has come up with a concept of selling electronic components online.

ITP India understands the value of each second when it comes to production and manufacturing.

A slight delay at producing the demanded goods can easily and swiftly pull down the popularity of an organization and usually it happens that an organization runs out of time at finding a good electronic components store and hence as a chain reaction all the other production and manufacturing process gets delayed.

It is all about the aspect of e-commerce that gives the manufacturers and distributors a fresh new avenue to find new customers and when the availability of electronic components online is there, the number of customers for the particular distributor and producer will definitely increase.

The buyers these days are really well informed and know very well how to differentiate well, all the beneficial products from the not so beneficial products and hence when it comes to ITP India, they put all their trust in that online electronic components store.

Be it for engineers, for purchasing agents, for millennial, for manufacturers or for anything else that requires electronic components, you name it and you will get those electronic components online.

For beginners it might be a task to understand the know hows of newly bought electronic components online, but with the amazing and customer centric team of ITP India, knowing how to operate a totally modern electronic equipment or using an electronic component is very easy because ITP India believes in fast delivery of the products and services to the customers right at their doorstep with the intention to help them know whatever they require to about the electronic component.

With any offline electronic components store, the customers face some or several difficulties. The main difficulty they face is of time. The customers definitely require time to travel to the electronic components store and purchase the required components and then some more time is gone at coming back from the store. The more the requirement of electronic component is the more the customers have to travel and it takes more and more time of the customers which they could have definitely invested at clicking the mouse button. With ITP India all the time not only all the time saving strategies are solved but also the queries of the customers are met with gentle patience.  




Why choosing ITP India a good move

6 months ago

You name it and the internet has it. In the era where the internet has become our second home, living without it does not even fall in the options. There are several online stores which could be found on the internet. Be it accessories or an online electronic components store, what you want is just a click away.

But the million dollar question of the customers does not change. “Is the online store trustworthy?”

With ITP India, the online electronic components store, getting high quality electrical products is not a dream any longer. ITP believes in selling only quality electronic components online. Taking great care of the consumer’s expectations is one of the laudable qualities of this online electronic components store.

We must all thank the digital revolution that has changed the ways in which an online business conducts business. But for the buyers to accept and embrace the digital marketplace is the new challenge. ITP understands both the benefits and drawbacks of owning an online electronic components store and thus takes proper measure to give the audience unforgettable services. Be it the fast delivery time or getting the exact product which the customer is looking for, ITP takes all the responsibility to be the best online electronic components store.

ITP India purely focuses on to enhance the product and process quality and aims at giving way to superior levels of productivity along with building up scalable systems.

All these have become achievable due the excellent support of the team which understands the depth of the electronics market along with its operational processes. The efficient supply chain management systems that leave its imprint across the globe, is another strength of ITP India, based on which it is widely recognized as the platform selling electronic components online.

Whatever is required for the successful execution of your manufacturing or for the completion of the products, you will easily find it on the product category. With ITP you can enter into the smarter world that is waiting for you just at your fingertips. To make the lives easier, ITP India believes in delivering the products at your doorstep. It is one of the most reliable electronic component suppliers. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to ITP India and hence it strives to be the best in the field of its expertise. As an online store it becomes a huge responsibility of ITP India to take care of the smallest details in order to keep the customer’s trust and ITP India shoulders this responsibility with great expertise. The customer centric team serves the customers will passion and much required attention all of their problems. Such care and concern for the details along with the availability of all types of electronic components is what makers ITP India an ace at its field.