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Animated Explainer Video – Why you need it for your product

5 days ago

Animated explainer video is a popular marketing tool that explains what company offer in just few minutes. Animated videos bring a sense of life to product. Video marketing has become one of the best ways to obtain brand visibility. By sharing and uploading animated explainer video on several social media platforms your product become popular among targeted audience in shorter span of time.
Animated Explainer Videos are simple and quite affordable for beginners and startups. Also, cost will depend on exactly what is require in explainer video and the category of explainer video i.e. animated explainer video, info-graphic explainer video, white board animation and live action. These videos also prevent bounce rate if placed on website and engage visitors to read and navigate the whole website to find out what they need to know. These videos simplify the complex information and provides entertainment factor.
Animated explainer videos are measurable and have great impact. The promotion and the results of these videos are measurable on every digital platform. Digital media has already become most opted platform by the companies to market their brand, product or services. Some companies have found 50 percent increase in sales as a result of placing and promoting videos on digital platforms.
So, all you need to do is create an attractive yet engaging explainer video for your brand by video production company that offers unique style, knows how to inject humor in video and makes them attractive that viewer keep in mind. Explainer videos are best marketing tool for any company to boost their business.
It is the way to engage viewers by getting to the point and not boring them with overloaded information about your product or services.
If you like this, read about the procedure of animated explainer video.

Know more about Infographic explainer videos and their benefits

11 days ago

The term infographic means Information presented in the most interactive manner with the use of graphics and animation. If you are looking for animated explainer video to be more professional, then infographic explainer video is the right choice for you. Infographic presents the most complex information in simpler and understanding manner. Infographics explainer videos are increasing trend in online marketing and it compress long presentations into short engaging few second video. Infographic videos serve a different purpose as they can be used as presentation, marketing video or can placed on websites and landing pages to engage more audience. Infographic videos specifically focus on product or services they don’t rely on characters and storylines. This makes the message more direct and allows viewer to focus on your brand, products and services. Here are some benefits of using infographic explainer video for your brand.
1. Focus on goal: An effective infographic video focus on the objective of video with clear understanding of information and strengthen the relationship between viewer and your brand.
2. Build brand image: Apart from presenting complex information in simpler and understanding form, infographics looks professional and best way to create brand identity. When you convey your information through infographic explainer video it looks more professional and people takes your brand seriously which increases your brand awareness.
3. Present statistical data: Infographic videos are excellent in presenting statistical data and facts. When you include statistical data and facts in video it becomes easy to build trust in your targeting audience. Effective text, graphs or charts make it more convincing.
4. Comprehensive: Infographic videos are flexible from mobile to big screen. These videos are understandable and really comfortable with or no sound. You can understand these videos in crowded places or complex situations without sound by just reading them. This makes infographic videos better than other videos.
You can get infographic explainer videos from animated explainer video production company for your brand and increase your brand identity.

http top-5-benefits-of-animated-explainer-video

15 days ago

Animated explainer video is a perfect tool for attracting visitors to your website and telling them about the key benefits and features of your product. When you are running a business you need a cost-effective marketing tool that will offer a return on your investment, In this case animated explainer video is the perfect choice for your marketing strategy. This video can offer a large list of benefits for your business that will make investment worth.
Let’s check out the top 5 benefits that animated explainer video offer to your business.
1. Increase in conversion rates:
73% of the people are more likely to buy your product or service when they see explainer video. Placing an animated explainer video on websites or landing page gives customer a better user experience and allow viewers to gain more information and understanding your product or service.
2. Increase brand awareness:
Animated explainer video influence online audience and can go viral on all digital platforms in few seconds that increase brand identity. These videos are very effective and engaging that can boost your online presence, customer engagement and Google ranking. In these videos you can apply your brand color theme, create characters that your audience can identify your brand and can tell your story with personalized script.
3. Better ROI:
Animated explainer video has been proven to be successful in engaging viewers and converting into potential customers. With a smaller cost, it is easy to have a good return on investment with such a powerful tool. Also, it helps you to track online stats to better calculate the performance for your online videos.
4. Flexibility on all screens:
Videos are everywhere conferences, events, webpages or social media and can amazingly adjust to all sizes of screens mobile, tablet, monitors, and even an larger displays. Today all the marketing growth is coming from mobile, you should definitely consider explainer videos in your marketing strategy.
5. Better ranking on Google:
Google prioritize videos and video content ranks better in search results as it is 53 times more likely to rank on top than text or images. Having an explainer video on the top of your home page or landing page of your website helps you to rank on top in search engine which results organic search results.
These are few benefits of animated explainer video for your brand. If you want to know more about explainer video then check out our blogs daily or want an animated explainer video for your brand get in touch with Kraving Studio.

Promote your Brand with Animated Explainer Video

22 days ago

Business promotion these days is not just communicating with audience in attempt to influence them to buy the product or dependent on picture of the product but also explain them details of product how it is beneficial to them and relate there problems. Today more the information they get more the chances they will buy your product or services. Here animated explainer videos play a big role in promoting your business. It is the short engaging marketing video that highlights ideas, product or services of company and explain essential feature of your product or service. In the era where video marketing is the king of promotion and advertising it become important for any business to showcase and explain their product in the most unique way. Explainer videos also help to build your brand and generate loyal customers. In-fact it is the fastest way to increase your brand recognition and become visible in the market of your targeted audience. When you use animated explainer video as a marketing tool, it increases the audience engagement with the product, service and brand. It creates emotional bond with the viewer and build trust.
Where now-a-days businesses more depend upon digital platforms to gain customers, animated explainer video is most reliable and result generating option to gain more potential customers.
Let us help you come out with unique marketing tool and give you some unique way to reach your customer better.
Kraving Studio – Video production company.

Why Animated Explainer Video is Good News for your Business

25 days ago

We all know Video is king when it comes to online marketing. An explainer video is an animated graphical representation informing and explaining the costumers about your product or services. Animated explainer video is easier way to capture viewer’s attention and keep them engage. Emails and blogs with video increases click to website by 300 percent. Millions of users watching video online give massive opportunity for business.
Human minds retain visual information more quickly than textual information. It creates interest among the audience and gives knowledge of your product or services. Human mind is made such a way that it grasps anything that is interesting, attractive and easy to understand. So, animated explainer videos are the best marketing tool to boost your business.
Animated explainer videos are easy to comprehend and explain the whole concept within few minutes or seconds. No one wants to spend hours in a presentation or text written on a website. Explainer videos give easy means to understand the accurate information and narration makes it more explanatory for audience. With clear vision about your services and product you can gain more potential clients.
High Conversion Rates:
Animated explainer video placed on front page or landing page of your website increases the average visit time of visitor and prevent bounce rate. It clarifies your product or service and your purpose of creating the video. This simple trick can increase the conversion rates and soon you will able to see the graph moving upward.
So if you are looking for something that would give life to your business, you should go for animated explainer video. You just need to contact Kraving Studio a video production company.  

Revamp your Brand with Animated explainer Video

one month ago

Are you running a business and come up with strong marketing strategies. You are ready with great plan of branding with the list of all the features of your product or services. Still, your customers are not showing interest in your product or not able to understand the benefits of your service. Here you need an animated explainer video best tool to revamp your brand, with the help of this amazing tool you can engage and communicate with customer, about their needs, their problem and how your product or service can resolve them.
Why animated explainer video is necessary for every business?
1. Animated explainer video describes the objective of your business. These videos increase the chances of paying more attention to your product or services by the people who want to know about your product and increase conversion rates. Characters, texts, elements and audio together are more appealing to audience.
2. These videos come directly to the point and grasp attention of online viewers. Explainer video helps audience to relate their problems and get hooked with the message.
3. Engaging explainer videos tell a great story, with an engaging script, attractive graphics, voiceover, animation and background music. This enables a better communication between customer and product.
4. Best quality of explainer video is that they are easily sharable which makes it best among other marketing tools. Video can share on social media platforms or can place on websites, landing page, PowerPoint presentations etc. People love these videos and follow on internet for more understanding.
5. And the most important reason animated explainer video is necessary for every business because explainer video convert viewers into potential clients. They are so attractive and communicative to convince customers.

Live Action Vs Animated Explainer Videos

one month ago

Videos are everywhere. More companies and organizations are connecting to video revolution every day resulting audience can enjoy and understand content more easily. Video marketing is proven the most effective way of marketing to reach out a wide range of potential clients. Video social media platforms such as YouTube are giving more and more business now a days. It is all about selecting right video style that represents your brand the best. And the two types of video styles that boost your insights are live action streams and engaging animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos are more attracting and engaging marketing video that attract viewers.
Know Your Market:
Before selecting video style it’s important to examine your market relates to. This will help you to decide the level of creativity you need to put in video to stand out among competitors in market. For example: If you want showcase a video to workers the live action streaming will be fine but if you need to showcase your business product or service concept digitally worldwide than animated explainer video is best choice for you as it more attractive, engaging and grasp attention quickly.
Grasp more attention:
As we know animated video are eye catchy and definitely comes to spotlight and gain more attention from the audience. Animated explainer videos are more popular with online audience as it involves attractive graphics, engaging voiceover and storyline which attract viewers. The new or complex marketing idea can easily explained with the help of animated explainer video. Live action can also explain the marketing idea with engaging scripts and video editing.
Audience Oriented:
A video style, live shoot or animated video are choose by keeping target audience in mind. Animated explainer video plays a vast role of engaging potential clients or a new client as it provide easy means to explain your product or services in more attractive manner. Live action can feature the detailed solution as a guide to existing customer of your product or services.
Explainer video is the best marketing tool to boost insights and increase brand awareness. There are several styles of explainer video and each comes with its own benefits, you just need to choose according to your targeted audience and industry culture.

Videos Are Everywhere

one month ago

We all are aware of growing use of explainer videos in video marketing strategies and marketing campaigns going viral and most people has already applied it on their marketing plans. For a working professional, a day looks something like this: When you wake up to the alarm going off you have your phone open anyway, quickly check your notifications including emails, messages etc. While eating breakfast you scroll your Facebook feed on your tablet before heading to the office. Once at work, you spend the day at your computer, carrying out online search, sneaking your Instagram account. While taking your lunch you spend few minutes chatting with friends. After making it back, you spend few minutes ordering food online or paying your pending bills digitally followed by a few hours watching television to catch up your favorite shows. Finally before going to bed you set your alarm and check your social media feeds. Then you head off to bed, ready to start all over again tomorrow. As you look over daily routine what is overreaching thing? There are Screens Everywhere!
This means from the marketing perspective video is quickly becoming the best way to connect with customers, consumers, viewers and followers. And automatic video playback on social media mobile feeds can be an effective video marketing strategy for any brand. Video marketing is a great way for brands to stand out from exciting marketing efforts and animated explainer videos play a vast role in marketing and attracting audience. If, executed properly a video marketing can help your brand reach new viewers and turn them into potential clients.
We at Kraving Studio create explainer videos to help people in implementing video marketing strategies. Our excellent and creative team of graphic designers and animators experts helps bringing your virtual idea to life.

Role of Animated Explainer Videos for Startups

one month ago

When you have new story to tell in the market you should have a right words and medium to narrate and explain it quickly to audience. With the help of animated explainer video you can explain and showcase your discovery in few minutes through digital platforms. Animated explainer video creates a connection between audiences and helps to reach out to targeted market. With explainer videos startup can educate, innovate and recapitulate scope of business.
Boost Conversion rates:
Animated explainer video is the right marketing tool for startups when online appearance is necessary to showcase or explain product or services to mass market. With the help of these videos audience can understand benefits and features of product or services in detail and can relate to their needs. It also becomes clear what problems are going to solve and how by the product. Videos are an excellent opportunity to turn website visitors into potential client.
Increase Interest:
Social media is the huge platform to promote businesses worldwide. Videos become viral on social media in few minutes. By creating animated explainer videos startup can increase their brand value and grasp attention of audiences. And these videos can easily be shared and uploaded digitally.
Google Ranking:
Today, websites that are loaded with only text information and images rank low in Google searches.
Also, videos grasp attention of web visitor rather than loaded text or images as time span by visitor is less than 10 sec. They are looking for short explainer videos that give them necessary information about the services you offer quickly in a minute.
Above are the few advantages of animated explainer video that can give boost to startups. Build trust and make it easier to understand your business better and best way to convert viewers into potential customers. Kraving Studio is video production company that offer best quality explainer videos.

Build your Brand Identity with Explainer Videos

one month ago

We know that animated explainer video is the great marketing tool to promote your business.It explains your product or service and builds a brand identity. Explainer videos represent a brand across the web in same way your website and logo do. We at Kraving Studio animation video company give life to your idea and narrate business stories.
The Language Of Video:
If the explainer video created in the language of targeted audience on the basis of gender, age, interest and location, it will appeal them more directly and also analyze of your marketing strategy quickly before investing in market compared to other vendors and consider you.
For that you can simply translate your existing animated explainer video in the language of audience in the market your video is going to published. All you need to change the voice-over and adjust it on the on-screen visuals with the help of animation video company you are working with and your video get focused on a specific audience in the market.
Identity on Social Media:
Every business use social media channels for promotions and keep modifying their designs of different media channels to maintain one integrated look. By doing this your brand creates a visual identification appear on various social media channels which generate brand awareness digitally. Animated explainer video improves your brand identity by involving similar brand colors, designs and characters. And build confidence and trust in audience.
Sharing and Promoting Video:
Explainer video perform outstanding to engage audience when posted on websites or landing pages. But, sharing explainer video extensively on social media platforms can make more potential clients. Also, these videos have a great impact when used along with blogs, newsletter and guest posts which improve search engine results for your website.
So, when you make a marketing explainer video with a video animation company then make sure to integrate with all online platforms.

Why Animated Videos Should be your first choice for marketing in 2018

one month ago

The goal of animated explainer video is to target your market in fun and exciting way. These videos are seen over all digital platforms for a reason of engaging more audience.  Explainer videos are short videos that introduce your business to viewer, discuss your product or services and boost your website’s conversion rate.

Explainer Videos help you to gain more audience:
When you are showcasing your business with animated videos it become easier for audience to understand.  It has been proved that animated explainer videos are very compelling way to explain your product or service in much easier way and help to grasp the attention of your targeting audience.
These videos have entertaining nature which leaves a memorable impression on potential customers.

Animated Videos are good for viewers:
Animated explainer videos are 53 times more likely to engage audience then text or images. With the help of these videos audience are compelled with less mental process to understand product or service.
Explainer videos are easier to learn and understand and worked very well as compared to print media resulting higher attention to audience.

Animated explainer videos are mobile friendly:
Explainer videos are everywhere conferences, events, webpages, social media and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Today most of the people access social media and other digital platforms through mobile phones which have replaced larger devices and most of the functions can be done by smartphones. These videos are easy to share on social media and other digital platforms which increase your brand awareness.

Above mentioned are some key roles of animated explainer video, there are many more stay tuned to Kraving Studio – Design and Animation Company.


Animated Explainer Video- Magic Tool for Business Growth

2 months ago

In this competitive market everyone wants to be on top. But how? Here’s the answer. It is possible with animated explainer videos. If you are in business, you must be familiar with explainer videos. Animated explainer videos have already captured every ones heart and help you to create high impact messages and engage your audience in ways no other marketing tool can. To begin with, all you need a creative script which is an important phase in creating a video and it should be simple, straight to point and engaging followed by attractive graphics, hiring professional voice over artist, background music and animation where we give life to your idea and make it live. 
Promoting business:
Animated explainer videos can give all answers of your customer’s questions or query. That helps to engage more customers and boosts your business. It’s a video which consist of all the information about your product or services and help to increase business revenues and insights. With the help of explainer video you can promote your product or brand more efficiently. Animated explainer videos can be used in internal communication, training purposes and presentations. Videos can go viral on social media platforms and promote your business.
Hike in Sales:
Placing an animated explainer video on website gives customer a better user experience. Also it allows gaining more information and understanding your brand or product which make it easy for customer to decide and give business to you. Placing an explainer video on website also gives you better rankings on search engine and helps you to give growth to your sales.
So let your business grow with the help of magical tool, reach new heights and keep animating.

Animated Explainer Videos vs TV Commercials

2 months ago

Most people would expect a television commercial much more effective tool than the explainer video on web to meet enhanced marketing of your brand, product and services. But, this is not true, Animated explainer video is much more powerful and effective tool than TV commercial. Every one watches television once in a day, this is a fact. And, what do you do while watching any channel starts a commercial break? Do you watch full commercial? Do you switch between channels? Or do you put television on mute and go grab some snacks from kitchen in that duration? Well! The fact is 90% of people prefer to skip commercials.
TV commercials are too expensive to afford than explainer videos and there is no surety whether the commercial is reaching to targeted audience or not. It is an interruption between shows you are watching. An animated explainer video is viewe’r choice because they are more attractive and straight to the point, these explainer videos could be an advertisement, on webpage, twitter feed, search engine or popped on YouTube channel and engages the viewer’s attention almost every time.
Animated explainer videos meant for explaining concept, product benefits, service offered etc. These videos are friendly to share on websites, social media platforms and everywhere on internet which makes explainer videos easily accessible to audience and convert into potential customers.
People can watch explainer video anytime and anywhere they want on laptop, mobile phones, tablets and yes even on television, but TV commercial can only be watched on television for 15- 30 sec, especially when you have to rely on gimmicks to get attention.
It proves that animated explainer videos are more efficient than commercials. However it depends on need some of the companies use both styles as they have to achieve marketing goals for both kinds.
To know more about animation and how it is beneficial to your business and marketing strategies, you can contact Kraving Studio and create attractive videos for marketing.

Places to Showcase Animated Marketing Videos

2 months ago

Today in the world of business. Whether you are an online seller, a doctor or have leading business in market you need a marketing video to boost your business. Because video stand as a testimony, it’s the strong marketing tool to convey information to audience and customers. We all know that most of the online activity on social media consists of watching videos. Big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are all introducing new videos features daily and investing millions of dollars to boost their features. But the question arises what kind of marketing video is best for your business? Animated Marketing Video! Contain full customized valuable content for audience that attracts, engages and convert viewers into potential clients. Just by posting it on some trending places.
Landing Page:
Do you know about landing page and its significance? In digital marketing, a landing page
is entry point or webpage on your website created specifically for marketing and advertising campaign. Placing a video on landing page increase the average visit time more than 2 minutes. It reduces the bounce rate and increase more engagement on your website. Animated marketing video is the best way to make audience understand about your service/product and increase potential customer’s.
YouTube is the popular and powerful search engine for videos. By uploading your animated marketing video on such a powerful search engine will give highest ranking in video search. YouTube gives you the opportunity to showcase your video for free! YouTube also give boost features to get even more audience. That’s the reason your video will always visible to audience.
Facebook is the largest social media network. Facebook always focus on video marketing as well as online advertisement. Facebook- World largest social media networks allows you to do video promotions itself. While Facebook is offering such an opportunity, you should keep promoting your posts with marketing videos on it and increase trust of audience towards your brand.
Other Social media network:
Apart from Facebook other Social media network also play a big role in video promotions. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn has also launched version of promoted video ads. These services allow advertisers to promote their marketing videos as well as check results with proper analytics.
Placing marketing videos on blog boosts SEO (Search engine optimization). When viewer click on the blog and watch the video placed in your blog will increase online visibility. Google ranking will ascend and more audience will get attract to your blogs.

These are the best and trending places where you can place your video for marketing. Try these and let us know how it helped for your business growth.

Role of Explainer Video for your business growth

2 months ago

2D Animated Explainer video is a short engaging marketing video that highlight ideas, product or services of a company and explains the essential features of a product. Companies are using explainer videos as a key part of internal communication, onboarding, training purposes and presentations.
Kraving Studio offers different types of explainer videos which can be effective for your business.
• 2D Character Animation
• 2D Motion Graphics Animation
• Whiteboard Animation
• Info-graphic Animation
• Live Shoots

Process of Animated Explainer Video

2 months ago

Animated Explainer Videos are 53 times more likely to engage audience then text or images. Animated explainer videoscan be specialized as demo videos, corporate videos or marketing videos for business. Now let us know how to build Animated explainer video:-
The process of animated explainer videos involves six steps:-

• Briefing – The first step is to do discuss an idea via meeting or other comfortable means. And, all the details about the functioning of business or key questions are noted to target an audience and the problem need to solve with animated explainer video.

• Script Writing – The second step is to write a short engaging script for animated explainer video. The Script is written simple and easy to understand, so that audience instantly gets attention and interest in animated explainer video. The script reflects the main characters and roles in the video.

• Story Board -The third step is to create story line which includes the rough representation of the visualization in form of sketches. Also, it consists of actions and transitions of the animated explainer video.

• Graphics – The fourth step is to give colors and style to visualization that reflect the concept of animated explainer video. Graphics are made according to the theme of the brand. Graphics can be icons, characters or illustration etc.

• Voice Over– The fifth step involve the voice over, where the voice over of script is done by an artist
with proper pronunciation, modulation, punctuation and synchronization according to animated explainer video.

• Animation– The sixth step is to give life to the all above steps and makes the graphics live. Animation means to give motion to still objects. The main task is to sync the voice over audio with animation which results a very attractive animated explainer video. And finally the animated explainer video is ready to share to the right platforms, so that it may fulfill its purpose of marketing, promotion and placement to engage the audience or customers.

Now the question arises from where to get an animated explainer video?The answer is Kraving Studio an animation company in Delhi. Kraving studio provides animated
explainer video with highly detailed graphics and smooth animation quality in pocket friendly prices.

Reasons that Attract Viewers to Animation

2 months ago

When we hear the word animation first thing strikes in our mind are children’s tales. But animation is not only reserved for children’s tales, it plays a vital role in business growth as animated explainer video that appeals more audience and leads.
Animation appeals to people of all ages and background because animation is compelling way to tell story. Animated videos are more amazing and effective way to gain customers attention of your product/service than other advertisements.
Still in doubt why animated explainer videos are in high recommendation? Let’s elaborate…
Animated videos are more attractive:
Animated video has the charm of interest and attention to hold the audience. Animated video can used for advertisements, training purposes, internal communications and presentations. Animated advertisement is more unique, interactive and compelling to the audience. Animated advertisement is more appealing approach to broadcast your product or service and increase brand value.
Animated videos are enjoyable:
A traditional way of just reading text or watching an image seems boring element for audience or customers. Animated videos filled with excitement and enthusiasm that create more interest and engagement of the customer. The process of storytelling, voice and characters in the motion allows customers to pay more attention. The more attractive the animated video, motion graphic video is, the more interest they will have in the video.
Animated videos are memorable:
The aim of every businessmen or advertiser is to build the product/brand value at the level of supremacy that the brand ardently stuck in the mind of audience. Animated videos accomplished the goal of compelling as well as engaging the audience in more effective manners. The animation studio like Kraving Studio can provide the animated video for your brand.

What you’re waiting for boost your business by animated explainer videos click on

Explainer Video – Strong Tool to Comprehend Audience

2 months ago

Either you are startup or a renowned company in market, Explainer videos play a big role to build communication between audience or customers to boost your business. Explainer videos are latest effective tool to boost business, it has vivacious nature to describe or explain your company and services. Explainer videos become easy to comprehend the main agenda of your business. Let us now consider how comprehend explainer videos are:
Build Interest
Explainer video with its characteristics has strong ability to engage audience without a blink of an eye. Attractive moving characters in storyline with engaging music grab the attention and become easier to convince the client on reliability of the product or service. Appealing video focus solution of audience that the company is willing to offer from such videos.
Give Clarity
With the help of explainer videos, idea can describe and elaborate with clarity of words without any misinterpretation. In such way animated explainer videos are comprehend. With the unique short and crisp script the audience discovers the concept more clear and easy and gets solution within few seconds or minutes than any other text or images.
Hike in conversion rates
When your idea is clear then interest is create in mind of your product or services, the client will find interest to buy your product or services instantly. This conversion of audience into clients will boost your insights.
Increase search engine results
Everyone wants be on top of the search results on internet, and animated explainer videos plays a vast role in this scenario. Explainer videos are more appreciated by visitors on internet than long articles and unnecessary information this leads to good ranking on internet by search engines. This impression raises the chances of the video to go viral and gain popularity on internet. Making your mind to boost your insights with explainer video.

All you need to just write us on
Kraving Studio and get your amazing explainer video done.

Increase your Brand Awareness with Animated Explainer Video

2 months ago

Digital media has become most opted platform by companies and organizations to showcase their brand. The most attractive digital media is video, which has become part of our lives be it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and many other popular social media platforms. Videos have ability to engage 53 times more audience than any other digital media. Video marketing has become one of the brightest ways to obtain brand visibility and animated explainer videos bring sense of life to the brand.
Grab Quick Attention:
Do you know how much time visitors give to your website? Just 9-10 seconds! Yes that’s the time visitors give to your website. And even after investing a lot on website you have no tool to turn potential visitors into customers. In this case animated explainer video is the effective marketing tool to grab the attention of visitor and convert into customer. Animated videos make the visitor stay longer on your website which fetches more interest about your product or service. Explainer video helps you to generate your brand building status and brand long term loyal customers.
Easily Sharable:
Animated explainer video has the strong capacity to grab attention of viewers in one go. Appealing video is more likely to share on social media platforms by viewer thereby increasing more chance of corporate explainer video to go viral. And your video will reach to the targeted audience and turn them into the potential customers. The more your video goes viral and reach to audience will increase the brand awareness and brand value.

By the time I am sure you are clear on the benefits of animated explainer video. It will give boost to your business and save your time explaining complexities to your customer. The client will understand all details easily. So, are you looking for good animation company get in touch with Kraving Studio– Design and Animation Company in Delhi.