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Media Fx Provides Online Marketing Services Across Diverse Industry Verticals

4 months ago

To succeed in your online business, it is important for companies to join hands with a service provider that offers the customized digital marketing services in India. Media Fx is a prominent name to partner with as the company provides online marketing tools for a wide range of clients within an affordable range.

Every brand that wishes to have a strong online presence should invest in a competent and compact online marketing strategy. This holds true especially for new online ventures and existing ones as well, that wish to launch new product lines and services. Media Fx, known for its expert and advanced digital marketing services in India is one of the leading names that companies in Kolkata and other cities have benefited from. This company over the years has been and still is providing online marketing tools to a wide range of companies that belong to multiple industry domains. The company studies the digital marketing needs of the company and advises accordingly, making sure the solution brings about a difference in the existing online marketing strategy. For this Media Fx often starts off with a one-on-one consultation with the prospective client to understand their requirements better and also explain the pros and cons of online marketing.

In the recent times, online marketing has branched out into many activities! For instance, one can’t overlook the expanding world of social media and the way brands are depending on it to maintain a personal touch with their existing customers and also attract new ones, simultaneously. Media Fx, a company specializing in ace digital marketing services in India addresses this by providing advanced and specialized social media marketing as well as search engine marketing as part of its online marketing services. In addition to that, the company also helps clients with their PPC ad campaign by selecting the correct keywords and also deciding on a copy that works and sells well, adding to favorable ROI for the company.

Keeping in mind that every company has a budget to maintain, Media Fx provides online marketing solutions that are affordably priced and are cost-effective for all the clients. The company provides interesting packages to select from.


Crucial Website Fails that should Avoid

12 days ago

Digital Marketing Company in India

Summary:  Sometimes companies aren’t aware why their websites are performing slow and not getting the desired traffic. Here are few website designs fails that every digital marketing company in India would suggest averting.

If you run a business you should have a website for it! That’s mandatory. However, simply because you paid to get your website activated doesn’t mean that’s all you had to do to enhance sales and connect with your target customer. There are several reasons why websites become inefficient. According to every professional SEO company discussed below are the few websites fails that a company should avoid.

The website isn’t mobile friendly:

Today tablet and mobile usage are more than desktop usage. And as smartphones continue to expand in the future the trend of “on the go digital” will keep on rising. This suggests that desktops are becoming a rarity when it comes to internet consumption. Hence, your website should be optimized for mobile operating systems.  Today, there still exists websites that aren’t mobile-friendly and they end up losing web traffic as well. The conversion rates are less and the customer experience to is of poor quality.

Your website has excess jargon:

When you are aiming for smart website design, it is essential to make the website information to the point, crisp and simple! And though it takes time to become an expert in your domain, care needs to be taken so that you talk directly your average target customers won’t be able to have a grasp of the technical language or even the domain that you belong. So it is always better to steer clear from this jargon and concentrate on presenting the facts in a simple and precise manner that can be comprehended well.

Absence of valuable content:

You need to know that your customers have a query they want a solution to. This is the reason why they are opting in to browse through your website to arrive at the solution. Hence, it is crucial that your website should have relevant and valuable content that would address these problem areas.  Hence, it is essential to ensure that no customers who scan through your site leave with a poor impression that your website lacks the content they’ve been searching for.

Your website doesn’t highlight the important data:

Other than searching for information that will help customers get a solution, if they could also have access to some of your specific business data, then your website is actually considered good. Sometimes, the website misses out on information like:

  • The business address along with a geographical map link
  • The contact data, which includes an email address and phone number
  • The pricing structure and terms of business
  • The social media plug-ins

It’s really surprising few websites lack all these information which makes it draw poor web traffic.

Website loads in rather very slow:

Online customers are impatient and are constantly browsing multiple sites. So if your website doesn’t get uploaded within a few seconds then chances are your customer will bounce back to another website. Sometimes, companies aren’t aware of this and can check their website speed, which will help them take apt actions.

These are 5 checkpoints that every reputed digital marketing company in India suggests that companies should avoid to attract increased website traffic.