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How to Fix the Genetic Cause of Male Hair Loss

9 months ago

The hair loss problem in men is a very common phenomenon which is mostly occurred due to the genetic reason is commonly known as the Androgenic alopecia. The hair loss due to the Androgenic alopecia mostly affected the area of the top, front and the crown area of the scalp in the form of the excessive receding hairline, extreme hair fall as well as the increasing grade of hair loss in a different Norwood class of baldness that distributed in a various grade of I to VII. The Dermatologist, Surgeons, and Doctors always try to recommend the permanent option of the solution and that is why the need for a hair transplant procedure takes the prime place in fixing the hair loss problem, especially the genetic hair loss problem.

It has been found out that the problem of hair loss in male is the most common cause of stress among men and to looking for the solution is always have a goal to find the solution permanency and therefore the hair transplant procedure is the most prevalent option, which is recommended by the Surgeons and Doctors and the option of the best hair transplant in Delhi is a well-known and a recognized option by the leading hair loss Doctors to cure the problem of baldness.

Why Hair Transplant is the best Solution to get over the problem of Baldness is described below:

DHT Resistant Hair Roots

The goal of hair transplant procedure is to place the permanent hair roots and that is why the hair roots are extracted only from the safe donor area, especially in the FUT hair transplant to give the sustainable outcomes of the procedure. The hair roots of the safe donor area are generally from the back and sides of the scalp, which contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that never tends to, fall out.

No Need to give Extra Maintenance

The transplanted hair is for permanent and it is the patient’s own hair so there is no need to give extra care or maintenance and you can keep your hair as you wish. You can cut, trim, style or shampoo as you wish and desire. It is your original hair, which is just transformed from one location to another to cover the no hair zone with a head full of hair.