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Begin Journey

8 months ago

MIHY India started with the dream of a person to rule the IT Sector and help his country in digitalisation. The journey started with the the toughest decision which every startup face I.e. the NAME we searched through many pages and browsed almost every website for availibility of our name MIHY which is the abbreviated form of "May I Help You". After the decision of name our employed filled it with their patriotic feelings so as to make the name of the nation proud in the international market.In one of our board meetings we decided to add india as a suffix at the end of the name so that the foreign enterpreneurs can know where these tech tycoons have came from.The name was very simple but the efforts behind its conformation are very high. After deciding the names our director offered some of his acquintance a job at our prestigious organisation and after the journey started , we started our project works at small level within the town and later expanded with our growth and we are here .just a little more efforts and hardworks can make us achieve what we have always wanted and that is the SUCCESS.


Team Work

8 months ago

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.