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The Pirate Bay Alternatives- Top 10 Torrent Websites like TPB (2018)

13 days ago

Many users frequent the site the Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay has been inconsistent multiple times in the past, due to government protocols. Because of which the Pirate Bay has been unreliable and this is a post for people looking for an alternative.  Read Detail News Here Pirate Bay Alternatives


Remove Noad Variance TV Adware on your Computer

13 days ago

Have you ever noticed noad variance TV ads running on the browser that you regularly use? Have you ever heard of the term Adware? Adware is just like ransomware and spyware. This adware comes through infected sites such as porn sites, torrent, social media, etc. the purpose is to generate numerous advertisements to generate online profit. Once it is inserted in the computer, it starts displaying noad variance TV ads. It then starts gathering various information such as your browsing activities and habits. It keeps a track of what search queries you are putting in the browser and other personal information.

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How to remove Noad variance TV from Internet Explorer?

How to remove Noad variance TV from Google Chrome?

How to remove Noad variance TV adware using a tool such as AdwCleaner?


Best Free Alternatives of Spotify – Free Music Streaming Websites and Apps

13 days ago

Not many people buy music, CDs and albums from the music stores. In fact with the drastic change in the tech industry now there is free music streaming websites and apps that allows you to tune into music from worldwide. Detal Article here Free Alternatives of Spotify