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3 Top Methods for Controlling Odor Caused by Industrial Waste Water

7 days ago

Where there is industry, there is odor. Industry is one of the major resources of strong odor. The odor it generated from industry is extremely harmful to the surrounding areas. These harmful odors carry a long-term effect on the human body. Not only that the municipal sewage and industrial waste water lines have dangerous contaminants that cause odor. These contaminants are serious threats to the environment if not processed properly.

This is where odor control system for waste water comes to play a bigger role. It’s good to use a solid waste odor control system to save environment and human being.

Methods of Controlling Odor

Since environmental threats and pollution issues are a great worry, using advanced methods to control odor is a good move. There is some technology available in the market that can make the picture look bright to some extent. To control odor and harmful effects are now easier than ever. This has been possible because of advanced waste water and landfill odor control system. Not like the traditional systems, today’s systems come with the power to control odor effectively.

Let us have quick look at some of the popular and effective systems that eliminate industrial and municipal odor effectively.

Bio Filtration Process

This is an entirely organic process. In this process, the microorganisms degrade the stench that causes compounds. By utilizing this that has autotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria, component decomposition takes place. Experts let the untreated water flow through a primary media bed that takes away all the harmful compounds and filters the water. This method is cost-effective and does not require costly maintenance. The Bio Filtration Process is effective in treating industrial odor.

Thermal Oxidization Process

Thermal Oxidization system is a process in which odor that causes substances is burnt. This process is majorly used for treating volatile and organic compounds. However, it is costly as its installation and operation cost is too expensive. Though, it’s effective for controlling waste water odor. With this system, you are able to remove hazardous and heavy odor causing components. There are number of components that are difficult to treat. In such a situation, thermal oxidation process works great.

Chemical Scrubbing Process

To use Chemical Scrubbing Process and remove odor, you need chemicals. With this process, you are able to remove Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide which are the most harmful components of industrial and municipal waste water. The best part is that the operating and maintenance costs of chemical scrubbing process are low. It ensures that the discharged water is free from the components that cause pollution and make the environment harmful to live.

Apart from these, you can also use some methods to remove odor your from lawn, garden or nearby area.