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Q-Queuing at à

M- Metro and Museums

A- Aviation

N- National Monuments

A- Amusement Parks

G- Get Together Places

E- Entertainment and Education

R- Retail & Restaurants

Any of the above venues can be seen loaded with massive crowds in general. If we see with an eye of a business person, heavy footfall is desired too. But when it comes to managing this crowd, the lack of proper crowd management can result in more negative consequences than the positive ones.

To gain-

Positive feedback

Happy customers

More footfall

Increased Revenue

Better Control

We have Retractable Belt Posts/ Powder Coated belt posts /Rope Posts/ Chain Posts/ Double Belt Posts/ Stand Alone Units/ Cafe Barriers/ Sign Holders/ Merchandising Bowl/ Plastic Wall Clips/ Stainless Steel Chains/ Velvet Ropes/ Printed Belts/ Floor Stands-Name it and have it.

So whether your need is to create separate areas, restricted access to some areas, or you just want to keep people in order, Q-Manager has something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some exclusive products in the category of Belt Posts:

1. Powder Coated belt posts-Capable of holding large crowds these Powder Coated Belt Post with a heavy cast iron amalgamates the utility with finesse at any venue.

2. Retractable Belt Post in Chrome- This particular type of Retractable safety barriers can be erected at indoor places where heavy crowds are being expected, and its stylish finish will mesmerize your every customer.

3. Retractable Belt Post in Stainless Steel-Displaying simplicity with an essence of style this Retractable Belt Barrier is easy to install both outdoor as well as indoors and can be used for the safety of scores of people.

4. Retractable Belt Post in Brass- Retractable Brass Post known for its classic looks and providing the optimum queue layout, will deliver you the result of customer satisfaction reducing their waiting stress.

So what are you waiting for? Choose for the one that best suits your needs. Analyze your requirements or do some communication at [email protected] We can surely help you out in reaching a fine decision.

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