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Android Malware ‘Judy’ Hits About 36 Million Smartphones



Researchers from CheckPoint Software Technologies has discovered a new malware ‘Judy’ which is potentially one of the most widely spread Android malware till date and is believed to infect 36 million devices already.

The malware designed to generate ad revenue was discovered in almost 41 apps in the Google Play Store.

When a device is infected, the fraudulent apps act as a bridge to connect with the user’s device. And once the connection is fixed, the malware imitates as a PC browser to open pages and generate clicks.

The malicious apps are believed to originate from a Korean company that develops both Android and iOS apps. As of now, Google has removed the fraudulent apps from the Google Play Store after being alerted by the threats.


Apple Saying Goodbye to 32-bit Apps With the Release of iOS 11



To avoid unnecessary apps and to support better quality, Apple has decided to bid goodbye to 32-bit apps altogether with the release of iOS 11.

 Apple started supporting 64-bit apps with the launch of iPhone 5s in 2013 and iOS developers were informed to create 64-bit apps since February 2015.

The company has officially launched iOS 10.3 which has major updates like WiFi calling, AirPods and SiriKit. Other updates include a new iCloud section under the Apple ID settings menu and new security features.

The latest iOS version is believed to be announced along with the 10thanniversary edition iPhone 8 launch.



10 Best App Creation Tools [Infographics]


With rising demand in popularity of apps, companies are making efforts to enhance the user experience by opting the latest technologies for mobile app development. There is a constant growth on cross-platform enterprise apps by using mobile app development tools and this has emerged as a pivotal necessity among developers.

If you are focusing on experimenting, then its better to consider building a native app and further improving the app with iterations which allow you to have complete control over the usability and design. But, if you plan for a multi-platform app, then you can consider cross-platforms and development tools.

Choosing the right tool is essential for the development of a great app. Using such app creation tools can help you save money and time as well. Most of the tools available today offer a range of choices to both the mobile app development company and the end users. Therefore, it is essential to opt the best tool that offers ideal functions.