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Developers to have solar fencing & security systems on the solar projects

9 months ago

Security systems are at most essential for a uninterrupted operation of solar power plants, especially when faced with the possibility of downtime due to theft and vandalism. - Though there are various perimeter solutions available in the market the most effective solution which has shown some serious results is perimeter deterrent system which is SMART FENCE. Unlike basic solar power fence SMART FENCE is the latest & most advanced generation design. It just doesn’t deter the intruder but also communicates the exact position of intrusion to the security personal at a remote locations as desired with live audio visuals with the help of fence watch system.

Traditionally Posting guards & traditional methods of securing the perimeters have failed in a large number of cases & proved to be very expensive along with vulnerability. Without technology & immediate responsive communication there is no comprehensive protection to large boundary areas. With the use of SMART FENCE the guard security can be limited to as less as 10% of the usual numbers. Regular traditional methods of securing the perimeter does not react to any kind of tempering or intrusion activities but whereas SMART FENCE immediately punishes the intruder & also alerts the owner with audio visual proofs. SMART FENCE Solution is economical compared to the recurring expenses occurred due to man power guards as it’s a onetime installation & the expected life of the solution is 15 years.

The following are definitely as must to analyze factors.The following are definitely as must to analyze factors.

1.       Local threats from activities surrounding the property.

2.       Size of the plant & difficulties faced to monitor it effectively.

3.       What is the operational & maintenance cost factors & the importance of the power plant in terms of the production of power.

SMART FENCE INTEGRATED SECURITY Pvt Ltd offers every type of security solutions as from a Fixed Ip surveillance to the PTZ & Thermal imaging technologies which can be integrated with our SMART SOFTWARE. We educate ourselves with the latest current technologies & keep upgrading & updating our technology time & again by which we are today able to secure the country’s most prestigious & highly secured properties.

Solar fencing system and Power Fencing which runs on solar power is very safe & harmless even to animals along with human beings as certified by govt agencies is the most effective perimeter protection solution in the world today & we being the OEM & Inventors of this product in INDIA with more than 2 decades of experience proudly claim that security is everyone’s concern but it’s our profession.

"solar fencing and security fencing system allows you to secure the boundaries of home and industries.We are manufacturers and suppliers of solar fencing."

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Solar Fencing for Home and Industries

5 months ago

Our valuable clients have accredited us as one of the best manufacturers of Solar Fencing Systems in India owing to our Indigenous Advanced and sophisticated Microprocessor based Digital Technology. These Solar Fencing Systems are helpful in providing security against unauthorized access of humans and animals. This solar fence provides a short and sharp shock for enhancing good security.


Easy to install and maintain.

Trespassing can be easily controlled.

Enhances good fencing capabilities.

Available in different sizes as per the requirements.

Our Solar Fencing Systems are offered in various designs and sizes widely acclaimed for their longer service life, excellent performance and low maintenance and comply with the demands of our customers. We manufacture and export a wide gamut of Power Fencing Systems that can be operated with a battery and gets charged by using a solar panel and is highly capable of providing electricity to long distance multi-wires making it an effective Power Fencing system.