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The Akshaya Patra Foundation Appoints Nutritionist Ms. Divya Sathyaraj as its Goodwill Ambassador

3 months ago

Divya Sathyaraj

The Akshaya Patra Foundation has appointed Ms. Divya Sathyaraj as its Goodwill Ambassador. With her staunch belief equating food to medicine, Ms. Sathyaraj has been working as a professional nutritionist. She has been conducting workshops with children on the significance of vitamin therapy and nutrition. She has also conducted multiple workshops with children at refugee camps. During her school and college days, Ms Sathyaraj has actively participated as a volunteer for NGOs in Chennai. Currently, she is working on her book on food and nutrition.

Akshaya Patra, in its capacity as the implementing partner of the Government of India’s Mid-Day Meal Programme, has been working to increase the nutritional intake of children by providing them a wholesome meal.

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