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3 months ago

MAGENTO PLATFORM: A Blessing in disguise 

There are several reasons due to which Magento is in great demand. eCommerce is the very popular these days but people are rather confused about it. 

Magento is well known as an eCommerce platform. There can be nothing better than this for start-ups. If you are interested in online store development, then there can be nothing better than this due to the impressive customization options.

The system efficiently covers all the possible aspects that can be of interest for a dedicated store owner.


Are you falling short of funds, but in desperate need to build an eCommerce store?

Well, in that case Magento should be your topmost choice. 

If you are investing in Magento, you will never have to repent n your decision. This is a flexible and powerful platform and is trusted by some of the popular brands including like ONEIDA and Good Year. 

OPEN SOURCE ecommerce platform:

This aspect makes Magento more accessible as it is a cost effective and flexible alternative. 


Magento CMS will provide everything right from catalog and product browsing, customer accounts, payment processing gateways, advanced search feature, order management and promotional tools.


It is an amazing feature which adds on to the growing popularity of Magento. Due to this feature you can easily create extra websites on your own exclusive domain.


If you are searching for a market place full of several extensions, then Magento Connect is your one stop destination. 

You will be able to make the most out of the modules for Magento Community and Enterprise and also customize Magento Go online stores. 


Magento offers SEO Functionality with SEO optimized descriptions, site navigation, clean HTML, clean URLs and much more. 

This will surely help you to rank better on the popular web search engines.


Advanced marketing is focusing on Google Analytics. The incorporated sales and store tracking attribute can be of great help in tracking traffic, tracking sales, analyzing multi store performance as well as reporting filtering by visitors from a particular page. 

There is no denying the fact that there can be nothing better than Magento for all those who are looking for a profitable eCommerce solution. 

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It is the best destination for all those enthusiasts who are interested in generating huge sales. If you are interested in improving your existing web based applications or establish your online presence, then get in touch with the well qualified and highly experienced team of The Brihaspati Infotech.


Magento 2.x- A Shifting Tide in eCommerce

2 months ago

Magento has always been a flexible eCommerce platform and serving many big brands with its robust features since its inception. Trading through a Magento powered online store has always been an easy task as it offers a strong foundation with a complete scalability.

Magento 2.x was released on November 17, 2015 and prior to its release, Magento executives conveyed “end-of-life” message in context with Magento 1.x that will take place exactly after 3 years that means November 18, 2018. But Magento addressed the misconceptions behind this end-of-life message through a press release on May 30, 2017 where the Magento officials encouraged users by stating that Magento 1.x will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. And, whenever the support will be taken back every single merchant will get 18-months prior notice.

Now the question arises, what was the point of launching Magento 2.x?

Let’s have a look!

Although Magento was always made for serving complete eCommerce needs with a true dedication and was facilitating the online merchants with the best services for a seamless trade of goods. But, there came a time when the company realized a need to address some issues that the merchants were facing with the 1.x version. Therefore, Magento support programmers came up with a new version of Magento often called Magento 2.x.

This version turned the table for the previous one i.e. Magneto 1.x. Magento 2.x introduced new and more advanced ways to increase user engagement, improve conversion rates, smooth navigation, complete asynchronous (ajax) process for adding products to the cart etc. A few noticeable features of this version include Speed & Performance, Administrative Improvements, Improved Customer Experience, etc.

NOTE: Magento 2.x is simply an upgrade to the previous version with a world-class eCommerce system. Undoubtedly, every single merchant will get benefited by moving to Magento 2.x. You simply need to realize your need and a perfect time to do so.

Magento 2.x usage statistics has explored that its most popular website verticals include Shopping and business industries and its popularity is being increased every year among thousands of merchants.

If you wish to explore more about this platform you can hire Magento developer India to assist you towards a fruitful eCommerce experience.

Prior to that, you must have a look below at the highlights of Magento 2.x.

What is in-store for you with Magento 2.x?

More advanced Payment Functionality

Magento 2.x showed up with a collection of new web payment systems i.e. Braintree and PayPal features which simplify buying and trade procedures. Additionally, with enabled PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions, customers are able to do fast and secure online payments.

Also, it allows the unregistered clients can also use their previously used payment method without re-entering the credit card info again on their every visit. This mean of the facility is all set to increase the sales. Furthermore, it protects the merchant’s trade from chargebacks and faulty delivery of products with its newly implemented Braintree risk verdict.

Sorted Checkout Process

Checkout process always plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing your eCommerce store’s conversions. One of the major issue which always bother the online retailers is the cart abandonment. Due to a lengthy and complex checkout process customers quit the idea of buying from your eStore and look for other options.

Magento 2.x considered this need and came up with an out of the box, two steps checkout process which includes only Shipping information and Review/Payment information. That’s all a customer has to do while completing an order.

A few key points:

- Not necessary to create an account before placing an order i.e. a customer can create an account even after ordering

- Fewer forms to be filled

- The order summary shown to customers includes photos of the products

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Additionally, with the latest announcement of introducing Progressive Web Applications Studio with Magento eStore, the customers will be able to get an easy, fast, and engaging experience. PWAs are basically designed to bring together the best of mobile application and website functionality. With the advent of mobile commerce, it has become the need of time to offer engaging eCommerce platforms that can help the merchants to achieve higher conversion rates. Below are a few of Magento’s PWA Studio’s features:

- With one code base, one deployment and app, you can build & manage all channels

- Comes with a modularized component architecture which opens the doors for extensions

- An increased level of productivity with helpful debugging and ease of fast prototyping

- You can make the use of tools to personalize content as per your convenience

Speed & Improved Caching

The improved version of Magento now supports both full-page cache and Varnish Cache and is capable to handle 2.1 million extra page views per hour than Magento 1.x.

Magento 2.x offers 50% faster page load speed and 38% faster checkout process. This all new improved eCommerce platform is now able to handle 117% more orders in an hour as compared with Magento’s older version.


The main goal behind the launch of Magento 2.x was to create more personalized customer experience. Magento 2.x came up with a high-quality service deliverance and engaging shopping platform. With the advent of this version, Magento 1.x has started draining yet not completely. Magento is still supporting its previous version.

Whether you are new to Magento or using Magento 1.x and wish to migrate towards Magento 2.x, the amount of work required in both the activities will largely depend upon the number of features or customizations you want to have on your store.