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Pressing needs for Hospital Information Management System


Hospitals are now not just organisations to provide healthcare to people but has become a multi faceted organization which sells healthcare services, manage their costs, earn profits and promote their brand in the market.

Eyeing the fierce competition, changing trends, Hospitals need to reinvent themselves continuously. These following concerns force hospitals to upgrade continuously from overall perspective.

· Technology Advancement

· Rising costs and its management

· New form of Payments are emerging

· Capturing new market and need for promotion

· Complying with healthcare regulators like NABH.

· Continuous innovation required to combat your competitors.

· Growing elderly population and spread of different diseases

· Better informed patients asking for better health care services.

· Managing & retaining good quality staff to run operations speedily & smoothly vis-a-vis controlling labour cost.

· Increasing demand for data for making informed decisions.

· Data Security Issues: Privacy of patients’ disease history and data has become super important and should not be disclosed.

Answers of these all concerns lay with information management of your hospital. Good Hospital Management system helps you to meet all above challenges with good level of visibility.

 Is your hospital able to address all above concerns effectively with the system? If answer is ‘YES, then, it is really great news. :)

If answer is ‘NO’, it is matter of worry. It is high time for you to awake and equip with the good Hospital Management software. Your Hospital Information System should be capable to manage all concerns. We have such one awesome solution for your hospital – The Gemini HIMS which takes care of all your concerns and allows you to take a seat back and relax.

The Gemini HIMS allows you to meet all technology enhancements you want because we customize and add on in the software to accommodate such changes periodically.

The system also allows you to watch on costs department wise and overall cost so that you can manage that. We add new payment methods whenever required. Our CRM add-on module of HIMS helps you to promote your hospital and services effectively. 

Gemini HIMS has all features supporting various accreditations like NABH etc. Through customization in software, we also help our hospital clients to achieve accreditation they seek to. The software is continuously evolving with different features and additions to give you idea how you do overall and department.

Our software covers with high level of security so chances of data theft or hacking are reduced. To manage easily, we also provide on premise solutions to client where data of server lies on their premise and application is hosted there.

The Gemini provides on-cloud and on-premise solutions for Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

Gemini HIMS provides general and department wise reports under each department. This gives user and super user or admin overview how their departments are performing. Our Hospital software has distinct MIS module to serve reporting needs of top management.

Gemini HMS is web-based Hospital Management Software built for Hospitals across India,Asia-Pacific,Canada,Europe. For more details or HIS demo, visit us on Connect with us on Contact US or drop us email on [email protected] You can also call us on +91-8905831313.

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