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Quartz Powder Application is Taking the Glass Industry by Storm

9 months ago

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on the face of the earth. Its unique property makes Quartz, one of the most useful natural substances.  It is a major component used to manufacture glass. Industrial minerals suppliers provide quartz powder for glass manufacturing as it is easily available and there are vast resources of it. Quartz is found in every geological environment and it is one of the components of almost every rock type. Quartz powder is preferred over solid quartz as quartz powder melts easily and mixes with other minerals quickly. Quartz powder is rich in Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), almost to a point of ideal purity with 99.99%. SiO2 is the main mineral needed for glass manufacturing. Hence, quartz powder is preferred over solid quartz. 

Other than the glass manufacturing industry, quartz is also used in various other industries like water treatment, wall coating, ceramic manufacturing industries, wall coating paints and several more. Quartz can be found in West India especially in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. 

Quartz is one of the most diverse minerals, in terms of color, forms and variety, on Earth. Quartz is a chemical compound with one part is Silicon and two parts Oxygen (SiO2). There are different grades of quartz powder available in the market, such as, Industrial Quartz, Quartz Granules, Quartz Powders, Quartz Lumps, Quartz Grit, Color Quartz and A Grade Quartz. 
Sand is generally rich in quartz. Hence, it is used in glass manufacturing industries. Quartz sand is the main component used in manufacturing flat plate glass, container glass, fiber glass and specialty glass. High quality quartz sandstone is used in manufacturing high quality glass. 

There are innumerable quartz manufacturers in India. As quartz is so easily available, and there is such high demand for it, quartz powder manufacturers in India are plenty. Quartz brings a good profit as colored quartz is also used in making jewelry and gemstones. 

Quartz powder manufacturers take solid quartz and grind them to powder so they can be used in the glass manufacturing industries. Quartz is then mixed with other minerals like, soda ash, limestone, dolomite and feldspar to produce glass.