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Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Dining Room Clutter-Free

5 days ago

Good storage is essential to keep a dining room clean and clutter-free and it can even give you space to organise the room in a better way so that your room looks tidy and beautiful.
Storage furniture is important to keep the room clean and jumble free. And it gives you the proper space to store the extra kitchen equipment. Few of us have this luxury of a separate dining room nowadays. For most of the people, a dining table is a part of an open kitchen or open living area, or it is the centre of the kitchen. That means we need to be acute about where we store all the stuff. 

Well planned installation make a dining room or any room very efficient and beautiful. Here's how to utilise storage in your dining room:

Think beyond the room: If you have proper space, consider consolidate larder-style cupboard into your room scheme. Storage on this scale means there should not be anything left jumbling up your dining or living room. You should use a tonal colour palette which easily blends with the rest of the room theme, and provides balance. Additionally, you can go with the glass-fronted display unit. You can use the visible shelves for decorative pieces and cover the other pieces in the drawers below. 
Make it multifunctional: Stay super organised with a fitted bench that doubles the storage furniture. Built-in bench seating like a corner design is an incredibly efficient use of the space, especially in smaller rooms. Wood is not just for show-off, it adds texture and warmth to the theme. The conventional drawers and pull-out baskets under the seat for additional storage is easy to access. 

Keep it individual: The sideboards, free-standing furniture can provide us more storage solutions than the expensive clothing or stuff storage systems. A sideboard is a perfect place to store plates, glasses, cutlery especially when it is expensive and stylish. If you don't have enough budget, then look out for a second-hand storage units, that can be painted and renewed. 

Dress It up: Jazz up the corner of your living room with a beautifully painted display unit. This unit has lots of display space for your treasured crockery. Additionally, you can use the most of ceiling height by installing extra-tall cupboard, so that you can put those rarely needed items in this cupboard. You can line this display cabinets with textured wallpapers and other beautiful paints.  

Build it bespoke:  It works different, and in a stylish way of built-in cabinetry. Bespoke cabinetry can be slotted neatly into alcoves, and they are ideal for display or storage. Remember, symmetry is always elegant and beautiful so try to achieve a balanced look of your living room. If your area is approaching on the small side, consider the fitting door with mirrored insets or use the existing one. Mirrors can have an extensive visual impact on a space. 

Be Versatile: For more impact and elegance, consider free-standing furniture units that can work virtually in any room. Stand-alone designs offer us the variety and choices when it comes to keeping an open-plan living space very flexible. A wooden storage unit should be moved easily when rearranging the room. These storage furniture can be styled up with your favourite accessories, such as vases and candle holders. 

Utilize Unloved Space:  Design a living room theme according to your storage requirements. Take advantage of all the available free space with floor to ceiling. Fit shelves into good corners and use it for books and decorative pieces. Paint these shelves in a different colour to your walls to provide a neat and clean contrast. 

Look to your Living Area: You can add a table with drawers and cabinets. This one is the fuss-free and last option to add a storage unit in your living room. A simple but elegant wooden table can work well. Storage is not always about to cover the belongings. Place the table in an alcove rather than adding built-in cupboards or other shelving. Use table top for decorative pieces and photo frames. 

Conclusion:  Storage furniture is essential furniture pieces for us. We can use them in kitchens, living area, bedroom and in a dining area. Display units, kitchen cabinetry, table with drawers all these conceal our stuff plus adds beauty and organised look to our home. 

7 Perks of having a fitted wardrobe in every room of the house

6 months ago

Installing a free standing wooden wardrobe in the bedroom is a daunting task. This is because of they either wrong fit in the room or lack storage space for clothes, accessories, shoes and other items. Thus a simple solution to these problems is going for the fitted wardrobes, which are integrated furniture pieces designed especially according to space.

The built-in wardrobes are an unavoidable part of every household. They are a piece of furniture which define the look of the interior. Teak wood fitted wardrobes made from a variety of wood types are easy to operate and can be used for a variety of purposes. Also, the built-in wooden wardrobe online can be made in various designs, sizes and style. So have a look at various benefits of having fitted wardrobes in every room of the house.

  1. Maximise the space: Unlike stand alone wardrobes; fitted wardrobes can be built in any shape to fit into the required space. They are an intelligent solution and can even be customised to fit into the corner space of the room. Thus by opting built-in wardrobes, you can utilise every space of the room and can increase the storage space to keep all your essentials in one place.
  2. Complement Interior: With fitted wardrobes, the best thing is that one can design the wardrobe according to his/her interior style and finish. You can choose the material according to your style. You can opt for best multi-wood wardrobe with everlasting finishes and durable handles to suit your modern interior. For a traditional look, you can go for Sheesham wood wardrobe.
  3. Tailored according to the needs: Another advantage of having fitted wardrobe in the room is the freedom to adjust the internal configurations and personalising the storage space according to the requirements. For example, If a person has more formal clothing than online built-in wardrobes can be made with more hanger space, trouser rack, small accessories storage space, etc. If a person shares the room with his/her spouse, then each portion of the wardrobe can be designed to best suit the individual needs.One can also position the height of the internal shelves such that they are within easy reach.
  4. Can include lighting: Do you face problem while finding clothes or accessories in the free standing wardrobes during the night or cloudy days? With the built-in wardrobes, this will not be the case. This is because by installing fitted wardrobes in the room you can fit a light into the design. You can also include lighting in each shelf, drawer or compartment for easy access.
  5. Style it perfect: Another great advantage of fitted wardrobe design is the ability to stylised in the way you desire. Go for the contemporary style that reflects a traditional style as well. The design of the online wooden wardrobe should not only be precise but should comprehensive as well.
  6. Is an appreciable investment: A built-in wardrobe becomes part of your home, and is an investment that can make the home more stylish. Unlike many investments, this is one that you can enjoy using every day; yet still, reap some rewards from in the future if you ever decide to sell your home.
  7. Easy to clean: Do you have to take the help of a stool to clean the top of the freestanding wardrobes? Do you get tired of cleaning dust out from underneath of it? And cobwebs out from between the walls and the freestanding wardrobe? Then relax because by installing fitted wardrobes your cleaning process will become much easier. Since they occupy the wall, so there are fewer chances of getting dust bunnies and cobwebs between the wall and wardrobe.

The built-in wooden wardrobes are the perfect storage solutions to provide a clutter free and incredible look to the room. They are the pieces which are available in different styles, types, shapes and materials can also be customised according to individual need and decor. Thus survey well about price and space before buying wardrobes online in India because they are an essential furniture in the room.

10 Tips for making a mismatched style furniture look classy and royal

7 months ago

Furnishing a home with different furniture is not an easy task. It is hard to create a cohesive and streamlined look especially when all the cheap home furniture seems to come back to haunt you. Above all, the huge and bulky wooden furniture make it even more worst. That is why it is imperative to decorate the interior and exterior of the house with beautiful and comfortable furniture.

Furniture available online contribute to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. They are the pieces which are available in varieties of styles, sizes, designs and finishes. From luxurious and contemporary to classic and traditional all home furniture sets are available online. There are wood furniture, fabric modern furniture, wicker furniture, metal furniture and much more. The big furniture shops in Chennai, Bangalore and other cities work hard to sell the matched furniture set to have a truly grown home. But one can also mix and match the furniture style to have a stylish look. So have a look at tips for using a mismatched style furniture to have a beautiful home.

  1. Create a focal point: When different online furniture makes a room, then try to create a focal point with a beautiful and statement light fixtures in the living room. Play with the mixed vibe by choosing funny frames and colour throw pillows to have a cohesive yet stylish look.
  2. Keep it level: In the dining space, set the dining table with the mismatched chairs to have a family feeling. You can also go for the different shapes to keep the dining set fun and light.
  3. Make a statement: Understated mismatched modern furniture online looks interesting and classy when paired with a beautiful and stylish statement rug.
  4. Embrace It: Go with the trend and let the different style online furniture like nightstands shine in their unique glory. You can also create an asymmetry with the decor by creating the wall decals and much more.
  5. Go for hit colours: Adorning your space with the same finish or colour wooden or fabric furniture will always give an enchanting look. For example, adding a bright shade sofa with light accents cushions will provide a swoon-worthy space.
  6. Go for a theme: A simple and easy way to unify a furniture that is not in a set is to connect it with a theme. For instance, setting up a kids room with a woodland theme using different finish wood furniture will provide a stylish look to the room.
  7. Play with silhouettes: Use similar style silhouettes to bring mismatched furniture like chairs together. This will help in providing a unified and comfortable look.
  8. Keep it simple: Combine wooden furniture online with white colour walls to give your room a modern perfection. Also always try to limit your colours as it helps to keep your space from getting unwieldy.
  9. Neutrals are the new trend: Buy furniture online that come with neutral shades to have a fantastic room. Neutral colour furniture keeps the room from being too stale and also provide a modern and inviting feel.
  10. Double duty decor: Bring the decades closer together with decor that features many contrasting styles in one object. Have a sofa cum bed with storage which is both traditional and modern at the same time, acting as a sofa during the day and bed at night and provide some space to keep extra household essentials.

Don't just dream of a creating a mismatched and beautiful house. Implement it by going through above mention ways. The most important aspect of decorating your house is to make it appeal to your particular style and senses. There are large varieties of furniture available online in India thus before planning to online shopping keep in mind that all have different features and functions.

Top 8 interior design tips to avoid common mistakes while designing the house

7 months ago

We have all been to the homes where interior design felt exactly right and to the homes where it goes all wrong. Not everyone has a knowledge of design but anyone can make home a better place. This is because online interior design services in India provide the best ideas to create thematic and inspirational designs. They help in adding something charming and enticing and modifying or removing things that tweak here and there. That's why have a look at these interior design tips provided by top home interior designers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, to help avoid the common designing mistakes.

  1. Move Furniture out: Home furniture against the walls looks and feels clumsy and awkward. So best home interior designers suggest that move it out a few inches, or more than that and add a table behind it. Even in a smaller room where furniture against the walls seems like a space-saving trick, the opposite is true. The subtle play of light and colours gives any room a more spacious feel when there's room to breathe between furniture and the walls.
  2. Raise artwork higher: Previously, it was a trend to put the beautiful and colourful artwork lower to have balanced look. But nowadays, online interior designers of India suggest keeping artwork at the eye level to have a more inviting look and everyone can enjoy and appreciate the art.
  3. Use a larger rug under furniture: Think of the rug as the same floor space. With this in mind, home interior designer suggests selecting rugs that give ample space to walk around the furniture. You can place them equally between the two sofas or under the dining table or under the bed.
  4. Avoid boring and add forgettable lighting: Most traditional style homes are built with boring and yawn-worthy lighting. It functions, but that's about all it does. Replace outdated lights with statement lighting, and you've got a brand new feature in the room.
  5. Avoid small furniture in small rooms: People mostly furnish their small rooms with mini furniture in order to free the maximum space. But furniture that is too small makes the room look even smaller. So interior design services online in Indiasuggest to decorate the room with standard size furniture pieces and use less of them if necessary.
  6. Design according to your style: The biggest interior design mistake most of the homeowners make is they go for the looks alone and avoid the comfortability. A white interior might look wonderful and enchanting, but it can be a nightmare to keep clean. Beautiful but uncomfortable furniture won't make anyone happy. So, stick to your style and taste, and you'll love the space you're in.
  7. Mix patterns and colours: Same colour things in the house provide a cohesive look to the interiors. So Interior designers of Bangalore suggest to go for different colours pillows, fabric pattern drapes, upholstery and much more.
  8. Store unuseful things: Design your interiors with storage spaces to hide things like seasonal clothes, exercise equipment, yoga mats and much more. This is because they don't look good when kept anywhere in the house.

                Designing an interior with proper planning and without making any mistake helps in transforming a space in an enchanting and beautiful way. So why go anywhere when you can find the best and unique interior design guide and ideas online. Try to follow the above mention tips provided by top home interior designers and execute your interior design plan and if possible try to consult interior design services available online as they will give you a great help to decorate your house. A careful planner is a happier person in the long run.