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5 questions you should ask your potential ITIL training company


Questions you should ask your potential ITIL training company

With the rapid popularity of ITIL use in many organizations, you may find it necessary to undergo ITIL training and be certified. However, in your quest to be certified, you need to utilize the training opportunity to acquire essential ITIL knowledge and skills that will enable you to manage IT operations in an organization as well as be able to customize the ITIL framework to suit the needs of your organization.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to weed out training companies or institutions that do not instill a person with the necessary ITIL skills and competencies. Remember that you are not just after being certified, but you want the best learning experiences that will enable you to be competent handling IT operations efficiently while improving the services management of your organizations.

Some of the key questions that you should seek answers from the training company that you choose to study with include:

The Experience and Expertise of Trainers

The level of experiences and expertise of trainers determines the quality of training provided by the comp-any. Essentially, the trainers should have a minimum of at least 14 years of ITIL knowledge.

Trainers who have worked with various organizations implementing ITIL strategies are poised to offers the bests learning experiences since they can include some case study scenarios of practices that they have been involved while working. This helps a learner to get more knowledge on the implementation of ITIL framework.

Flexibility of Training

The training schedule should be flexible enough to enable busy student fit to the schedule. Most reliable training companies know that majority of ITIL learners are usually full-time workers who want to better their skills in ITIL. Therefore, such learners may not be available for daytime classes. It is, therefore, essential for training companies to fix a schedule that accommodates all learners. This could include additional classes in the evenings and on the weekends.

Moreover, the ability to offer online classroom lessons is usually another advantage that brings conveniences to busy learners. You need to know if the training company offers eLearning of ITIL and how reliable is the training.

Additional Learning Resources

Apart from the classroom lessons that you may be attending, you may need some more resources for your private learning. You need to inquire from the training company if they offer additional learning resources.

Do they charge for these resources?

Are they accessible to all students?

Exam Preparations

The goal of studying is to be certified after the end of the training sessions. Therefore, the training company that you choose should help top prepare learners adequately for the finals exam.

You need to inquire how the trainers help learners to prepare for the ITIL certification exam

Do they provide samples papers?

Are there any simulations tests to enable you discover if you have a complete understanding of the topics covered?

Number of Lessons Offered

Another important consideration for the training should be the number of lessons provided by the tutors. Ideally, there are recommended hours that ITIL certification training should take. For instance, for the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification training, the minimum number of hours recommended for the training is 16 hours.

It is critical that you inquire the hours per lesson and the total lessons offered from the training company. You need to ensure the time scheduled meets the threshold so that you can determine the quality of the training offered.

Certification Rate of learners

A good training company should have a higher certification rate. A higher pass rate of learners means that the quality of training offered is excellent. You need to inquire this information from the training company. It is important that you are able to authenticate the information offered by the company before making your decisions.


A reliable training company should be able to provide you with credible answers concerning the above items to enable you to make an informed decision before you enroll to study ITIL with the company.

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